The Pill

By Frederik Berg

A new designer drug has appeared on the black market, who makes those who takes it more empathetic, loving and understanding. We follow a series of couples who decides to short-circuit their bad communication by taking the drug. Will they it succeed in saving their troubled relationships?

The Pill is a psychodramatic roleplaying game for adults, where we will learn how to argue without it ending in an unsatisfying deadlock. Do you dare take The Pill?


Duration: 2 hours

Number of players: 4, 6, 8 [Optimally 6] + 1 GM


Player type: You have one or more wrecked relationships behind you, and know know what it is like to be with another person. You prefer games that hurt, are personal and where you have the possibility to act out.

Gamemaster: In The Pill you have the opportunity to lead a group of players through some of the worst rough patches in a relationship. You have the key to resolve all their problems, give them a way out and show them that there still is hope.

About the author: Always exploring new territory in roleplaying, Frederik is currently working on the intersection between therapy and roleplaying. Frederik has previously designed games such as Flesh (2016), I love Ana (2014), Previous Occupants (2010), and Fat Man Down (2009). The Pill is the second game in a series of psychodramatic games, where the first, XY, premiered at Stockholm Scenario Festival in 2016. You do not need to have played XY before playing The Pill.