The view from Sprogø

By Marie Skouenborg

On an early morning, a small boat is making its way slowly across the grey waters. The four women on board are huddling together to ward themselves against the drizzling rain and the chilling breeze. The boat is taking them away from everything they know and love, and bringing them to an isolated life on the island of Sprogø, in an institution for the morally degenerated. It will be a life under constant supervision and control of doctors and headmistress. Maybe, in time, if they believe that you have improved, you might leave the island. But can you improve enough, when you are so rotten?

Udsigten fra Sprogø pic

The view from Sprogø is a game that circles around the struggle for the identity of the four women. It is played out in predefined scenes; Day scenes, filled with discipline and routines, and Night scenes, in the dormitories with the other patients.

In the scenes, the players will have to make some tough choices; what happens to you, when the world has the power to determine that you are dangerous and degenerated? How far are you willing to go to please the authorities and what will you lose along the way?

The mechanics of the game reflects these choices, by illustrating the changes in the women’s character through the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.


Expected duration: 4 hours

Number of players: 4 + 1 GM

Tags: Identity, table top, social realism, tragedy.

Player type: You are up for playing a character in sad stories about people, who hope for something better, while caught in the system.

GM Type: You enjoy putting your players in difficult positions, give life and depths to the NPC’s, and you can juggle a bit of game mechanics.

Languages: Danish and English

About the author: Marie loves a good tragedy, especially when seasoned with a cruel twist of fate.