The Will

By Lars Kaos Andresen

The long summer holidays at aunt Trishas were magical and fantastic. The children were playing in the big, old house with its secret doors and winding passages. They loved to play as detectives and go exploring and sleuthing in the house. One rainy afternoon the went exploring in the basement.
They saw something. Something that four, happy children never was supposed to see. They found something unimaginable and unspeakable. Something hideous, terrible and impossible.

30 years later the four cousins arrive back at the house. A forever young rock musician. A blocked author. A manic actor. A stock trader on the run. Trisha is dead and they set out to find answers to the questions that have been haunting their minds for all too long.

The Will is Call of Cthulhu without the system or any dice. It’s old death and forgotten beings. It’s horror with room for both laughter, fear and intense emotions. It’s classical role playing with one role for each player throughout the game. Sometimes you sit around a table. Other times you’re hobbling about on the floow to show how the dancing insects move inside your head.


Duration: About 4 hours

No. of players: 4 players + 1 game master

Tags: Horror, investigation, drama, action

Player type: You enjoy old school, easy going role playing with a bit of the death, sex and violence – and perhaps a mix of all three at once.

GM type: You enjoy the classic role of the game master: setting scenes, playing minor characters, timing action and controlling the flow.

Languages: Danish

About the author: Lars wrote his first Fastaval scenario ind 1994, and The Will is his 19th scenario at Fastaval. He enjoys classic plot-driven scenarios with heavy focus on character emotion and relations within the group.