Trigger Warning

By Oliver Nøglebæk

Do you know that feeling, when the thoughts take over and you can’t stop thinking? You try to distract yourself, cheer up a bit. But they come back, right in the middle of everything. The kind of thought that’s too enormous and dark to speak out aloud? You just know that they’ll take over the whole conversation if anyone knew. Ruin the good fun you so desperately crave. Crap. Here they come again.

Trigger Warning is about feeling alone with your thoughts, even though you’re in good company. It’s about not speaking your mind, but pulling back and letting the others continue the fun without you. It’s a scenario where you get to wallow in traumatic feelings, but also have fun with improvising happy memories from a stack of photographs.


Duration: 3 hours

Number of players: 4 and a GM

Tags: Traumatic social realism, introverted play, warstories

Player type: You enjoy feeling in silence, but also making up improvised stories.

Gamemaster type: You’ll be running an encouraging and safe workshop, then letting go of the reins as the players take over for the game itself.

Languages: Danish and English.

About the author: Oliver is either making small experimental inquiries into the human condition or weird tomfoolery for Fastaval. This scenario falls squarely in the first category.