Until we find him

By Anders and Rasmus Troelsen

March 17th, 1981

“I stopped trying to keep afloat. I can’t play at being a family any longer. I’ll just let myself sink now.

I need to get away. But my dearest, please understand that I do this in order to be able to return one day. I will return. I hope that you will be there when I do.”

While sorting through their late mother’s belongings, a brother and a sister find a pile of letters from their father. He left the family when the children were still young 35 years ago and has not been seen since.

Vulnerable and floundering, they decide to follow the tracks of their father. Reluctant words about then and now, a welcome bout of laughter, knowing smiles, angry snaps, muted recriminations, and the awkward silences of strangers fill the car as we follow the siblings through the endless pine forests of the North. The confused words of the father impress themselves on them as the moldy, old envelopes are opened.

Phone calls from the brother’s wife, the sister’s whispered diary, and the people they meet on their way, all combine to nudge the siblings to think of their father, of each other, and of each their place in life.

Until we find him is the story of two people sharing a past, but who have drifted apart. Armed with questions and their father’s letters, they try to make sense of it all. Maybe they will find him. Maybe they will give up. Maybe they will find each other. Maybe things won’t get better than they are.


Duration: 3-4 hours.

No. of players: 3 players and 1 GM.

Tags: Scandinavian road movie, family drama, the power of the past over the present.

Player type: You enjoy taking part in the narration and imagining of the story, you have no problem with reasonably long character descriptions, and you feel like exploring two people whose facades are about to crack.

GM type: You set and cut the scenes while supplying some of that raw and cold October feel. You help the players make the story flow and read out the letters from the father.

About the authors: Rasmus and Anders are brothers. They have, however, always known their father. Rasmus is a Fastaval debutante. Anders was co-author of Fifteen Men and Mass Effect 2157. For a time, he has shelved the kapow-action scenarios and has re-imagined himself as feely-feely. Rasmus has always been so.

Language: Danish