When the Last Sun Dies

By Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

Når den sidste sol dør pic

Someday our universe will end. The usable energy will run out and nothing can be created. The last sun vil disappear and the last life die. An empty, dark, universe.
Near the last sun, in it’s last day, drifts a small space station. A small group of people live on it, committed to an idealistic, maybe irrational project: To stay alive as long as possible, in order to preserve the legacy of the universe. Even if they have to do it alone, bearing the sorrow of all that was on their shoulders. Even if only one must bear the passing of centuries alone in the starless void.

The players tell the story of the characters’ lives and the project. Reflecting on what has been lost, their motivations and getting used to the isolation of the station. The last sun then dies and all but one must choose to die to preserve energy. In this second part, the players of the dead characters may not speak. The survivor may talk, but have no one to talk to. The game is tightly structured and linear, but still focuses on the players’ participation and creativity. Music and physical touch are also used as tools.

When the Last Sun Dies is a game about the melancholy of the fact that everything has an end. About finality, loss, loneliness and life’s wonder. A subtle, but intense experience.


Duration: 3-4 hours

Number of players: 3 players, 1 game master

Tags: Sorrow, end of the universe, atmospheric, loneliness, no speaking, silence, experimental, narration, structured freeform, a bit of sci-fi.

Player type: For player that like immersion and tragedy. You are up for a good mix of peculiar rules and obstructions, in-character talk and narrating.

GM type: Primarily you have to convey a somewhat complicated game, but you also get to play an indiscreet robot and describe the death of stars.

Languages: Can be played in Danish and English. Game master text only available in Danish.

About the designer: Mads has somewhat accepted the fact that one day he is going to die. The thought of the end of everything else is still hard to cope with.