By Lasse Blichfeldt

Four youngsters go to a beach house to party, like there is no tomorrow – for one of them, this is the case.

YOLO is a scenario in two acts. The first one is the party getting more and more crazy, the more drinks they drink and coke they snort. In the course of the evening, they all get blackouts. During the act, any player can choose to pick up the death-card, causing their character to die at the end of the act. Besides of this, everything is in character.

The second part is the next morning. Waking up a weird place. The hangover. And finding the corpse. After this the big question is: ”What the fuck happened yesterday?”. To recollect the events of yesterevening they grab their phones to see, what they can learn. Is one of them a killer? This act consists of flashback-scenes, based on short chat-threads distributed by the player with the death-card to the other players – the player then sets a scene from the chat-thread.

The players have a lot of freedom shaping the story from handouts, the characters and their potential conflicts.


Expected time: around 2 hours

Number of players: 4 and one GM

Language: Danish and English

Genre: Semi-live drama (with a few narrative elements)

Player type: You like having a lot of influence on the events and appreciate the interplay with the other players – even when this implies conflicts

GM type: You set up the scenario and ensure intensity. At the same time, you have to be able to stand back and observe

About the author: Lasse turns 30 shortly after Fastaval (CRISIS!) and is actually too old to say YOLO. He has participated at Fastaval since 2003 – this is the 3rd time he brings a scenario