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Memorial reruns for Alex K. Uth

Play the Alex K. Uth Memorial Reruns Sunday at 11 AM

You can sign up for the reruns when you sign up for Fastaval.

Alex K. Uth was one of the pillars of Fastaval through many years. She was an extraordinary driving force with regards to roleplay as well as organizational work. Alex was an institution, who through her great commitment to Fastaval revolutionized everything from cleaning to scenario writing and all things in-between. She could roll up her sleeves and get her hands dirty with practical tasks, among other things as the founder of DirtBusters. At the same time, her fantastic stories and beautiful words touched our hearts.

Alex wrote no less than 13 scenarios for Fastaval. A treasure trove of roleplay that we may use to remember her through. Her first scenario, The Pit, was written in 1990, and the last The Black Pram is from 2014. She won a total of 10 Ottos and many of her scenarios broke new ground and changed our perceptions of what roleplay is and can.

For these memorial reruns we have chosen four of the scenarios of Alex Uth that showcase her great versatility as a writer.

Alex died in the summer of 2019 after a brief period of illness. And even though she is missed, she will always be a part of Fastaval.

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