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Presentation of the designer board games 2017

Deciding on this year’s selection of designer board games from the 23 pitches certainly hasn’t been easy. Our primary goal has been to assure the best possible experiences for Fastaval’s participants. This of course means focusing on finding the best games but also ensuring a good mix so there’s something for everyone. A the same time we are also looking to conquer new territories and change perceptions of what board games are. And finally, we’ve tried to put together a selection containing both experienced designers and new talents.

Battle Race Manager by Mads Havshøj and Martin Lindhard
A futuristic ultra-violent racing game where teams fight about media coverage and making money while at the same time winning races.

Claim to Fame by Morten Jaeger and Rasmus Høgdall
A satirical fast-paced card game that is all about getting celebrities in the media.

DIYSPY by Christy Dena
You’re all training to be spies at a terribly underfunded spy school. Grab what you can in the room to help you win the game.

Holiday Resort by Kåre Werner Storgaard
A family card game where players compete to create the fanciest holiday resort that attract the most tourists.

Kingmaker by Kåre Murmann Kjær
A game built on the term “kingmaker”. You don’t win by having the most points at the end, but by being the player who decides that your favourite ends up with the most points.

The Crystal Mine by Sofie Liv Støvelbæk
Under the big mountain dwarfs build long and deep mines to find the most beautiful crystals to sell to the buyers who come to the mountain with orders.

Le Mans Team Manager by Morten Lund
A simulation of what it take to be a racing team manager in the Le Mans race series. “Everybody wants to finish first, but to finish first, first you have to finish” – how hard will you push you car and your driver?

Paradigm Wars by Morten Brødsted
Secret organizations affect the development of Europe from approximately year 1200 to now by magical, scientific, religious and mythical means. The population’s perception of reality defines reality and it’s borders.

Pizza Delivery by Lars Wagner Hansen
In Pizza Delivery each player controls a pizza delivery guy who all work for the same pizzeria. Who makes the most deliveres and delivers the best pizzas before the pizza delivery guy runs out of time or energy?

Prefab Projcets by Morten Barklund
A bagbuilding game where independent contractors compete to build the most homes, the nicest mansions and in the best locations in a fancy new development.

Ragnarok by Sven Strandbygaard
In this game each player represents a Viking king during Ragnarok. Each king is secretly allied with one or two of the three factions of people, Aesir and the Jötnar and must try to give his fraction dominance of the four plans Asgard, Midgard, Jotunheim and Niflheim.

Skycities by Allan Kirkeby
As Mayor-Captain of a massive flying city – a Skycity airship – you must fly the Skycity across the land to gather resources, gain political influence, and build up the city infrastructure, to finally become the Royal Capital City.

Snake Shadows by Jeppe Norsker
Position the blocks so they throw the right shadows! This intense puzzle game puts your intelligence to the test as you struggle to solve spatial tasks as fast as possible.

Z by Mads Brynnum
A storydriven zombie co-op where you learn the game as you go and finally get a chance to put all your knowledge about zombies to good use.