Players/GM 6 players, one GM

Time 3-4 hours

Language Danish and English

Age limit None

How much do you have to read Approximately three pages per player.

Written for Fastaval 1994

Otto-nominations: Best Scenario, Best Characters, Best Handouts, Best Editing

You follow the foot panel as you run. Stop. Run again. Your eyes are locked on the gigantic sleeping being in the middle of the checkered kitchen floor. It stirs a bit, growls lazily. You freeze, wait, rush past it with your heart hammering in panic, and reach your destination, adrenaline pumping.

Your friends nod, give the signal. You leap…

The cat explodes into movement, is suddenly on the window sill, turns, hisses down at the confused rats, jumps…

Battle of the Basement  is written by,  

Alex Uth and Olav Junker Kjær