Using negotiation, cooperation and cunning, you, acting as a celtic druid must try to take advantage of the giant land eating, magic spouting nature spirit, to collect votes to determine the king as part of the final ritual.

Behemoth is an area control game, which to a large degree is defined by its special voting mechanism, used to determine how the giant nature spirit, Behemoth, moves, but also when voting for titles and determining the winner of the game.

In Behmoth, you play as a celtic clan. Someone has summoned a giant nature spirit in the midst of the land, threatening to eat all of it. At the same time, it spouts magic energy, used by the druids for rituals, empowering the clan and its heroes. The heroes are your agents on the board, who fights, perform quests and take promises (geis) to the gods in exchange for mystic powers and immortality. The player who performs one of the final rituals (like building the Stone Henge), and lures Behemoth to it, ends the game. Now, you have to vote for a winner using votes gained during the game. Will you be able to convince others to vote for you, or have you gained your power by stepping on the weak? Perhaps the winner will not be the strongest, but the kindest ruler.

The game is inspired in part by Celtic tales of heroes and mythology.

Area control, Voting, Celtic

About the designer:  Morten Brøsted works at the danish roleplaying school, Østerskov Efterskole, where he teaches math. He likes games with a lot of player interaction and theme, and dislikes games where simple mathematical analysis leads to the
perfect choice. Favourite game is Blood Bowl.
Morten has participated several times in the Build-A-Boardgame challenge, and once in Game Rush, as well as three times in the main Board game competition.