Players/GM 6 players, one GM

Time 5-6 hours

Language Danish and English

Age limit 15 years

How much do you have to read Approximately four pages per player.

Written for Fastaval 2002

Otto-nominations: The Audience Award (2nd place)

”This I tell you, Hafgrimm: you and your bloodline of thrall’s sons and whoring daughters shall be beaten down like mad dogs, their corpses thrown upon the heath as feast for wolves and ravens. One night we will come, with axes and with fire, and we will chase you from the warmth of your pigsty. And when your hall comes down in flames, when your kin are rotting as unburied carrion, when the turf has been sated with your honourless blood, then will we have avenged the wrong that you and yours have done against me and mine. Until then there is only hatred between the two of us.”

”Blood feud” is the story of a merciless feud between two families. The time is a mythical place between the Iron Age and the Viking Age, and the theme is implacable hatred; violence that has become habit, honour that has become blind. It is a story of the blood ties that bind people, and the things that separate them. And of the choices one must make when death comes to take its toll.