Boardgames at Fastaval 2020

The boardgames for Fastaval 2020 has not been selected yet. Read about how to become a designer for Fastaval here

The board game jury at Fastaval 2019

Head of Jury:

Morten “Muyten” Andersen:

Morten started playing board games already as a child but didn’t start his own collection for real untill just over 20 years ago. During the last years he has been a part of the board game design company Among Meeples who have so far released 2 games. He has been a guru at the board game cafe Bastard Cafe in Copenhagen since the beginning and has arranged board game events at the Roskilde music festival and other places.

At Fastaval Morten has been responsible for running the board game cafe for more than 10 years and has been a contender in the board game competition himself with the two games Heirs and Last Stand, both in 2013

Favorite Game: Tzolk’in

Jury Members:

Jeppe Christoffersen:

Even though he is only 30 Jeppe is already experienced in the Danish board game community.
He has been a guru at Papas Papbar in Odensen for two years and was part of arranging Århus brætspils-festival in 2018.

This is going to be Jeppes fourth Fastaval and though he is new as a jury member he got a taste last year when his fiancé Emilie was part of the jury.

Favorite Game: Puerto Rico.

Lars Wagner Hansen:

Lars lives on Sory where he organises Nordic Game Day at the library and other events at the local board game cafe. Lars started going to Fastaval more than 30 years ago but stopped in the mid 90s when his first daughter arrived.

In the meantime he took up designing board games and after the board game design competition was introduced. Lars entered the competition in 2016 with Jumping Frog and again in 2017 with Pizza Delivery.

Favorite Game: Das Motorsports-spiel

Henrik Krøjmand:

Henrik has been into board games for a long time and is willing to play most genres although eurogames remain closest to his heart.

Some of you will know him from one or more of the numerous other posts he has held at Fastaval for the past 10 years wether it be the cafe, bunker or handling the wiring.

Favorite Game: Terraforming Mars.

Sofie Liv Støvelbæk:

Sofie grew up with playing board games with her family untill they got tired of losing to her. Luckily she found friends that were somewhat harder to beat.

Sofie joined Fastaval for real in 2017 where she ended up spending most of the convention designing a game for that years “build a board game” competition. It ended up paying off though as she won that years competition. The following year she got nominated in the design competition for Dwarves and Diamond and in 2018 she made us dance with her game Move It which also earned a nomination.

Favorite Game: Dead of Winter.