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Board games 2021


Worker placement flipped on its head. Once placed, the lazy merchants can NEVER move. Also, every time a merchant makes a trade, he needs to take a nap! The player that best utilizes the growth of the marketplace wins the game.


In Ancient Architects the players design pyramids and attempt to satisfy the demands of the Pharaoh. Players lay out tiles with grave-chambers, rock types and divine symbols, while using god-cards to achieve special bonuses. A strategic game with variable tactical choices.

BEAST by Elon Midhall and Aron Midhall

One or two players take the role of Beasts; devouring the invading humans to grow stronger. The other players are Hunters who can only bring down the Beast by communicating and combining their actions. A strategic hidden movement and deduction game using drafting of dual-purpose cards.

EMOTIONS by Kasper Christiansen and Kåre Werner Storgaard

Players represent urges within a human being and build the life-story of that person during the game. Players draw on emotions to respond to situations and relationships that in turn evolve the personality, affecting the way others react to them and re-shaping their memories of the past.

FREE RUNNING MARSEILLE by Bastian Borup and Otto Plantener Jensen

Who is first to paint their tag the high-rises of Marseille? Players jump from building to building on an organic map of buildings of different heights. A deckbuilding game where you put obstacles in the way of your opponents and get fatigue cards when you push your parkour skills to the limit. [...]

GIN AND GIRAFFES by Maila Persson

Lazy, lying hunters tell stories at the inn about their dubious past as big game hunters. The more gin they drink, the better the stories become - until the stories become TOO incredible.

NURSE by Sofie Falk

A real-time collaborative game about the hectic working day of nurses. Patients must be diagnosed, relatives must be handled and you never know when the alarm rings.

PCB by Kristian Karlberg and Kenny Zetterberg

PCB is an abstract strategy game where players manipulate a shared row of dice to activate actions and score points. As the game progresses, the dice’s value increase, making them more attractive for scoring.

Pencil Pirates by Nikolaj H. Christensen

Pencil Pirates is a thematic and puzzly Draw & Write game. Players score points by drawing lines across a treacherous sea to gather booty, encounter mermaids and avoid sharks, cursed skulls and the Kraken!

POP QUIZ by Ian Schreiber

A social deduction/party game about an evil professor who wants to fail everyone vs. a class of students who aren’t above blatant cheating by using a secret set of hand signals.

SPACE CARAVAN by Allan Kirkeby

The last fleet of humans are on the run from a swarm of machines. Falling fertility rates also threaten the future of the human race. Each new galaxy offers new options for the captains of the ships who also have a voice in the senate where opposed factions shape the destiny of the human race. [...]

SCHRÖDINGER’S CAT by Jessica Creane

Keep your cat alive as long as possible while abiding by the laws of quantum physics or it will be your own curiosity that kills the cat. Schrödinger’s Cat is a metaphysical, intimate experience that will challenge your perception of what a game is.

WRITE A COMMENT… by Kåre Torndahl Kjær

A card-based team game simulating an online debate running throughout Fastaval. Players can join and leave at any time. Arguments, misconceptions, slippery slope arguments, straw men, false dichotomies and bad form - everything you love and hate from a heated online debate.

STAR MEEPLES by Peter H. Møller

A thematic euro game inspired by Star Trek. Go on missions, upgrade your ship, promote crew to officers and gather science tokens using the ​Crew Queue​, a twist on deck/bag building games.

STEAM UP by Pauline Kong and Marie Wong

A Dim Sum collection game offering a delicious cultural experience. Players take turns performing actions with their unique abilities, rotating the table to purchase steamers and drawing or playing Fortune cards.

TANK BRAWL by David Gonsalves

Teams of players take command of WW2 tanks. All players simultaneously issue commands, roll and queue up dice to complete actions. Keep track of the enemy or you just might find yourself eating chunks of hot steel!

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