Each year at Fastaval a committee is assembled to decide which of the Designer Board Games premiering are nominated to and win the Otto awards. For many participants it can be difficult to see through the process of reading, evaluating and shortlisting the scenarios, and how much work and effort the jury put into being fair and balanced to both the scenarios and the writers. In the following text will meet the jury and read about the judging- and the evaluation process at Fastaval.

The board game jury for Fastaval 2020

Chairwoman of the jury

Sofie Liv Støvelbæk

Sofie grew up in a family of board gamers until they all got tired of losing to her. Luckily she later found friends who were a little bit harder to beat. Sofie found Fastaval in 2016 where she spent most of her time participating in and winning Game Rush. In 2017 and 2018 she designed the game Dwarfs and Diamonds and made everyone dance with Move it. Now she has moved to the jury’s side. This is her second year in the Jury and first as chairwoman. 

Favorite games at the moment: Terraforming Mars, Terra Mystia and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle.

The Board Game Otto-jury

Jeppe Ørsøe Johansen

Since the dawn of time (or maybe just his childhood) Jeppe has been playing board games. First the likes of Startego and Monopoly and later more complex things. The interest for Board games has grow with Jeppe. He was a co-organizer of Aarhus Board Game Festival in 2018 and was a part of the jury last year at Fastaval, where he has also participated as a roleplayer for the last 6-7 years.    

Favorite games at the moment: Terraforming Mars, Quacks of Quedlingburg and Puerto Rico.

Laura Gerlev Hansen

Laura has been playing board games for more than 10 years, but her love for tokens and dices has increased over the last couple of years. She loves co-ops and collective games but hate to lose. Furthermore, Laura has a solid knowledge of the Fastaval machine haven  been a main organizer for the last two years.    

Favorite games at the moment: Ganz Schön Clever and Codenames.

Martin Bødker Enghoff

Martin has designed six board games for Fastaval but have now turned to the other side. His has a past with Larp and roleplay that makes him very appreciative of narrative elements in board games. On the other hand, his background in science gives him a good insight in game mechanics. Martins pet peeve is the connection between theme and mechanics.

Favorite games at the moment: A Modern Crime Game, Arkham Horror, Root and Dune.

Michael Stolbjerg Drud

Michael has enjoyed board games his entire life. After 10 years in Fastaval’s Board Game Café he has now moved to the board game Otto-jury. His preferences has shifted through the years, from the big time consuming epics to smaller games. He has a sweet spot for worker placement, resource management and Eurogames all round.  

Favorite games at the moment: Dominion, Puerto Rico and Village