Build attractions and lure in tourists – or even better, make your opponents lure the tourists to your attractions – so you can empty their pockets and influence the end game scoring.

In Bodensee Tourismus the players take on the role as a boss of a scrupulous travel agency. Each player is in charge of building attractions and have tourists transported around the Bodensee (Lake Constance). The players compete to get a hold of the tourists’ money and reviews before everyone else. The tourists are interested in four types of attractions: nature, water, culture and gastronomy, where you can offer better (and more expensive) attractions for each type later in the game.

On their turn players play one or two cards and do the action on the card. The actions make it possible to move busses and get tourists to visit the attractions in the city they’ve just arrived in or build new attractions to help lure other types of tourists to the city. The best situation would be where you build attractions and one’s opponents transport the tourists to your attractions, but more likely than not the players will make choices that also benefits their opponents.

When you manage to ruin a tourist, they will review your attraction and you get, amongst other things, the possibility of more points, but also a choice of which things should score points at the end of the game.

About the designer: Andreas Esbech
In his day job Andreas is a lawyer. A dry career that has given birth to a love of dry games. As a designer he works mostly with eurogames, but his focus is on the social element and his games will try and create as much interaction among the players as possible. His favourite games count amongst others Concordia, Viticulture and Flamm Rouge.
It is the first time that Andreas has dabbled with board game design and it is the first time he is a participant at Fastaval