Members of an internationally famous rock band reflect on their history presented in an unreliable musical documentary for their 25th year of existence. Old pains run deep in spite of their common passion for music.

Players/GM 5 players + 1 facilitator

Time 4 hours

Language English and Danish player materials

Age limit None

How much do you have to read Two pages 

  • Musical

  • Drama

  • Friendship


The scenario tells the story of a rock band during their 25 years together, their friendship, hardships and success. It is a story that ends in tragedy as one of the band kills themselves, ending their story for good.

This story is told almost entirely in a musical documentary, which presents its own unreliable version of the events and characters. The core of the game is a series of flashback scenes. In-between scenes, the present day characters can comment or contradict the retelling and oppose their own version of the story.

The game is also a musical game. A monologue technique using lyrics from famous songs and background music allows for a character to take control of the scene and decide of its outcome. The scenario therefore plays as a musical, where music supports the action and moves the narration forward.

The theme of the game revolves around drama, interpersonal relationship and a commentary on the unreliable nature of storytelling.

The designer

Muriel Algayres is a French author living in Denmark. Her playstyle is rooted in melodramatic romanesque enriched with Nordic style techniques and storytelling. Her narratives revolve around historically-inspired settings and the exploration of pop culture tropes. She is the creator of Harem Son Saat and a number of short games including the Belle Epoque trilogy, Dangerous Liaisons, Beyond Limbo and the Veil and Ghostbusters by Gaslight.