Boardgames 2018

Are you the next Spiel des Jahres nominee coming out of Fastaval?

Fastaval 2018 will once again showcase a selection of games – and we want your game to be one of them!

Does this sound like your kind of thing? Then send us your pitch!


What is Fastaval?

Fastaval is Denmark’s biggest game convention. Every easter Fastaval brings together 800 gaming geeks from more than 10 countries for 5 days of roleplaying, board games and random geekiness. Fastaval has been held since 1986 and the 2018 edition will be the 32nd.

Fastaval has a proud history of fostering creative and innovative board games. The Spiel des Jahres nominated “Magic Maze” won the Otto award for best boardgame in 2015. Other Fastaval luminaries include Kickstarter successes Fog of Love and Among Nobles as well as the recently released Midnight Madness.


What kind of games are we looking for?

We want to provide Fastaval’s participants with a wide selection of new games. Games must not have a publishing deal when submitting.

We are looking for variety in the program. Fastaval’s participants are a very diverse crowd who are always up for trying something new. Participants range from roleplayers with little board game experience to hardcore eurogamers, from casual gamers to miniature gamers. We would love to see a social game with a traitor mechanic, a game with a strong immersive narrative, a creative party game, an innovative eurogame, a dexterity game with a twist and many more.

We especially welcome games that do not fit the criteria for commercial publication – games that would not have an audience outside of Fastaval.


Why send your game to Fastaval?

Three reasons: 1. You get to have your game showcased at Fastaval and be eligible to win the Otto awards for Best Boardgame and Most Innovative Board Game. 2) You will be part of the thriving design community. 3) We will help you get your game finished and provide sparring and feedback to make it even better.

When your pitch has been accepted, we will help you make a design plan for your game including partial deadlines. We will provide feedback on your game and progress throughout the design process, centered around monthly prototype events in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen as well as through the Fastaval designers’ facebook group. We have a network of specialists who can help you with everything from game design, balancing, interaction design, graphical design and production – depending on the needs of your specific game and process.


Send us your pitch

The deadline for submitting pitches for games is Friday the 1st of September 23:59. Send it to

The pitch should include a short description of the core idea of your game; what is new, what is exciting and what is the experience the game will offer.

Let us know what the main design challenges are and tell us how we can maybe help you overcome them.

Technical details such as number of players, playing time and special requirements for playing should also be included.

You are strongly encouraged to test an (early) prototype at one of our prototype events before submitting your game! The prototype can be very rough and simple – aim to test the core gameplay, concept or decision loop. If you are not able to attend any of the events, please provide information on your current prototype and feedback. Any pictures or sketches you might have would be nice.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Morten, Uffe and Max