Roleplay 2018

The Danish roleplaying convention Fastaval is looking for new scenarios to be premiered on Fastaval 2018.

Fastaval is one of Scandinavia’s, and dare we say the world’s, most prolific conventions for roleplaying games of all kinds. From more classic games, to trailblazing free forms and experimental LARPs to novella scenarios, all can be found and played at Fastaval. In recent years we have furthermore drawn a growing group of international guests to Fastaval, both as players and participants, but also as contributors to the program.

For more on Fastaval, read what journalist and author Lizzie Stark wrote about the convention after attending in 2012 and again in 2013.

Call for synopsis and synopsis workshops

Regarding the writing process, we will continue to have focus on workshops, sparring partners for all authors and a writer weekend. We will also have sparring partners for new authors to give input on the synopsis.

We are looking for games in two different categories:

Classical scenarios: Typically for 3-6 players running up to 5 hours, all included.

Novella scenarios: Scenarios for 3-5 players running max. 2 hours, all included.

We are also open to scenarios that do not fit in these categories, but the main part of the scenarios is in this format.

If you are interested and have not written for Fastaval before then we would like to put you in touch with a sparring partner regarding writing your synopsis. It will be an experienced Fastaval author who can give some constructive feedback on your synopsis and hopefully increasing your game’s chance of being accepted at Fastaval. Send us an email on if you are interested.

Also, please note whether or not you plan to attend Fastaval. It is perfectly possible to submit a scenario to Fastaval and having it played without being there in person. However, we hope very much that the authors will be there to talk to players and GMs when the scenario is playing. 


Should you be interested in having a scenario on the Fastaval program in 2017, the scenario coordinators Tina Heebøll Arbjørn og Anders Frost Bertelsen need a synopsis for the scenario by Friday September 1st 2017, 11.59 PM Danish Time (we’re EST+1), mailed to

The final written scenarios needs to be mailed to no later than January 31st 2018, 11.59 PM Danish Time 

The Synopsis

First and foremost the synopsis consists of a presentation for your idea.

A short text that tells us of what is special about the scenario, why it is awesome and what experience the participants will get by playing it. What is the scenario about, what special mechanisms does it have, what makes it unique/cool/heartbreaking/soul-shattering good. But try to keep it to 1 or 2 pages in total.

The synopsis should also include the following information:

– Title (Not necessarily the final title, but a working title at least)

– Author (including e-mail and telephone number for all the authors involved)

– Scenario type (classic, novella or something else)

– Genre

– Estimated running time

– Number of players

– Number of GMs (one, none, more than one?)

Many Fastaval scenarios, even the ones that we describe as “classical” uses free form techniques, incorporate LARP elements or don’t play out around a table. If you have special needs for your scenario (a lot of players, very few players, a need a particular area of play, etc) or want to check what is possible (which is almost anything!), drop us a line before sending in your synopsis.

For more on Fastaval style scenarios please check Kristoffer Apollo’s article The best one-shots in the world: The Danish scenario tradition.


This year we are looking for two types of synopsis: For “classical “ scenarios (up to 5 hours) and novella scenarios (up to 2 hours). Some ideas will not fit that format and that is fine! Please write a synopsis anyway and we will assess if we can fit it in the schedule somehow.

Fastaval only accepts premiere scenarios, so they cannot have run on any other convention before. You are however free to do a remake of an existing, already written scenario, your own or belonging to someone else (but it is polite to ask them first). If you want to do a remake, you need to tell us in the synopsis what significant changes the remake has from the original scenario. You are more than welcome to contact us before submitting a synopsis, if you are in doubt about the premiere status of your idea or want to check if potential changes to the scenario are big enough for it to be considered a new/different scenario.

Since there is normally a huge interest in submitting scenarios for Fastaval, all the synopses will go through a selection process, and we will pick the cream of the crop for the final Fastaval line up.

The guiding principal for the selection is that we are looking for the broadest range of scenarios that we believe will give the participants of Fastaval the best experience. The participants are however a large and diverse bunch, so there are many things to consider.

We look for quality in the synopsis, but “quality” is a broad term. First of it is about clarity: Do we understand what will happen in the playing area? Second; Is it a good idea? It is important to stress that “a good idea” is not what we personally like best, but what we believe there will be participants at Fastaval that will enjoy.

Next we look at diversity. We cannot accept 30 free form dramas about relationship problems, even if they are the best 30 synopses. So we will look at many different parameters: Genre, theme, format, content, system, etc. However, you are not guaranteed a spot on the program because you have sent the only synopsis within a genre. If we find the quality gap to be too big we will have to accept that that specific genre is not presented this year. We would love to represent both action, drama, sci-fi, fantasy, horror, social-realism, epic, documentary, larps, in-crowd, system driven and anything in between.

We also look for a wide range in experience among the authors. Every year we want new authors to try and write a scenario for Fastaval, to make sure there is a steady flow of new blood coming in. We also want authors with a couple of Fastaval scenarios under their belt, to give them the opportunity to develop their abilities. And finally we want some very experienced Fastaval authors, so they can share their knowledge with the rest.

We also have to look at language. We love that more international authors have written for Fastaval in recent years, but we have to consider that most of the participants at Fastaval only want to play in Danish, so we can only accept so many English language scenarios.

Finally we come to the ratio between novellas and “classical” scenarios. We are currently using time slots with two “classical” scenarios and one novella time slot per day, which gives us at certain ratio between the two formats. But if the synopses pull us in another direction then we will consider revising the time slots.

Deadline is September 1st for the synopses and we will get back to you September 17th at the latest with a submission answer.

Synopsis workshop

We will have two workshop meetings in Copenhagen this year, one for developing your idea and the second for feedback on your synopsis. Since most of the international writers are not able to attend the meetings, we have also arranged for email-workshops that you can participate in.

The email-workshops will also focus on development of your idea and feedback of synopsis. The email-workshop will be done in English. It takes place over four days, where writers will be teamed together in small groups and will write emails with ideas, constructive thoughts and feedback.

The email-workshop will take place on Monday August 14th through Thursday August 17th. Please allow for 1 hour per day, if you want to participate.

If you want to participate in any of the workshops, write us at

All the best,

Tina and Anders