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Presentation of the designer board games 2017

Deciding on this year’s selection of designer board games from the 23 pitches certainly hasn’t been easy. Our primary goal has been to assure the best possible experiences for Fastaval’s participants. This of course means focusing on finding the best games but also ensuring a good mix so there’s something for everyone. A the same time we are also looking to conquer new territories and change perceptions of what board games are. And finally, we’ve tried to put together a selection containing both experienced designers and new talents.

Battle Race Manager by Mads Havshøj and Martin Lindhard
A futuristic ultra-violent racing game where teams fight about media coverage and making money while at the same time winning races.

Claim to Fame by Morten Jaeger and Rasmus Høgdall
A satirical fast-paced card game that is all about getting celebrities in the media.

DIYSPY by Christy Dena
You’re all training to be spies at a terribly underfunded spy school. Grab what you can in the room to help you win the game.

Holiday Resort by Kåre Werner Storgaard
A family card game where players compete to create the fanciest holiday resort that attract the most tourists.

Kingmaker by Kåre Murmann Kjær
A game built on the term “kingmaker”. You don’t win by having the most points at the end, but by being the player who decides that your favourite ends up with the most points.

The Crystal Mine by Sofie Liv Støvelbæk
Under the big mountain dwarfs build long and deep mines to find the most beautiful crystals to sell to the buyers who come to the mountain with orders.

Le Mans Team Manager by Morten Lund
A simulation of what it take to be a racing team manager in the Le Mans race series. “Everybody wants to finish first, but to finish first, first you have to finish” – how hard will you push you car and your driver?

Paradigm Wars by Morten Brødsted
Secret organizations affect the development of Europe from approximately year 1200 to now by magical, scientific, religious and mythical means. The population’s perception of reality defines reality and it’s borders.

Pizza Delivery by Lars Wagner Hansen
In Pizza Delivery each player controls a pizza delivery guy who all work for the same pizzeria. Who makes the most deliveres and delivers the best pizzas before the pizza delivery guy runs out of time or energy?

Prefab Projcets by Morten Barklund
A bagbuilding game where independent contractors compete to build the most homes, the nicest mansions and in the best locations in a fancy new development.

Ragnarok by Sven Strandbygaard
In this game each player represents a Viking king during Ragnarok. Each king is secretly allied with one or two of the three factions of people, Aesir and the Jötnar and must try to give his fraction dominance of the four plans Asgard, Midgard, Jotunheim and Niflheim.

Skycities by Allan Kirkeby
As Mayor-Captain of a massive flying city – a Skycity airship – you must fly the Skycity across the land to gather resources, gain political influence, and build up the city infrastructure, to finally become the Royal Capital City.

Snake Shadows by Jeppe Norsker
Position the blocks so they throw the right shadows! This intense puzzle game puts your intelligence to the test as you struggle to solve spatial tasks as fast as possible.

Z by Mads Brynnum
A storydriven zombie co-op where you learn the game as you go and finally get a chance to put all your knowledge about zombies to good use.

How to make a synopsis?

Rasmus and Mads have put down their thoughts on what a good synopsis MAY contain:


A synopsis is a brief description of the board game you are making to Fastaval. So you should not send the rules of the game for us, but rather a short text with pictures that explain what it is for an experience the players on Fastaval will get by playing your game.

A synopsis should be no longer than one page text (it is not a fixed limit, but a guideline). A pages text should be plenty to explain your game idea. With photographs and drawings the document would fill 3-5 pages.


There are a number of information text MUST contain:

  • Name of the game
  • Your name and contact information. Want to write under a pseudonym, it can easily be done – but we still need to have your correct information.
  • Number of players and possible game conductors.
  • Estimated playing time and how long it takes to explain the rules. The time course you can never be absolutely sure before the game is finished, but give your best bet. All games are welcome at Fastaval, but be aware that it is difficult to entice players at Fastaval to play more than 3-4 hours incl. rule explanation.
  • Give a few keywords on mechanics, theme and type of games.


Additionally, you should explain your idea:

  • What kind of an experience the players will get?
  • What kind of game is it? By type, we mean such party game, war game, euro gam, family game, abstract strategy, skill game, fantasy games co-op game, etc.
  • What is the theme and what is the players’ role in the game?
  • How do you win the game?
  • What will the players do in the game? What are the mechanics are you using in the game? Here, we believe such dice rolling, trade, auction, worker placement, deck building, area control etc. If you do not know these names, do not panic – it is not required to know them. You just describe how your game works. If you want to know more about different mechanics, you may seek inspiration here:
  • If it helps you to explain the game, give examples of the rules, but do not explain to us the whole regulatory framework.
  • What games / theme / mechanic from other games are you inspired by?


Take photos of your prototype, if you have one and / or draw examples of some of the most important game components. Pictures say more than a thousand words.


Tell or show us how far you are with the game right now or how long you’ve been working on the game.


Here is an example of a synopsis that uses more of the above advice: 2015 – Burning Rome

Presentation of the Fastaval Scenarios 2017



Maja vil dø by Cecilie Juel Greis Fakkelskov

Maja is weighed down by Doubt, Guilt and Shame, while she tries to handle everyday life in vain.

Horrordeck by Denise Brødløs Færge and Christian Iversen

In the world of Star Trek, the holodeck comes  to life, and the true nature of fear must be examined. Can a Vulcan become scared?

Human by Signe Bech Sørensen

The town Human is infected by unfortunate existences that three brave blood cells and the capable Panodil must find and exterminate.

Sexcraft by Frida Sofie Jansen and Tor Kjetil Edland

It will be both funny and awkward, when the voice-actors come together to dub a Hentai movie.

The Pill by Frederik Berg

The Pill actually tells you why fights in relationship goes wrong, and how to become a better listener.

Vinterulvene by Kristian Bach Petersen

Furious Warhammer-action about a gang of cool woman fleeing the flesh hounds of Khorne.


Classic scenarios


Akt V by Signe Løndahl Hertel

Some hardcore inmates gets an opportunity to view themselves in a new light through the theatre play Hamlet.

And that’s it by Simon James Pettitt

A live-drama where the plague has claimed everyone, and the last ones remaining must handle their grief through drawings.

Bag masken by Max Møller

The story plays tricks on us, when superheroes goes astray and the bitter past has to be remembered.

Bedste venner by Lars Andresen

Four kids venture into the scary forest to find their missing schoolmate.

De hævngerrige by Thor Niels Fejerskov Jensen

True spaghetti-western with scowling, weathered faces staring at each other.

Et kapløb om Sydpolen by Christoffer Hoeck

Man fights against himself and nature – Can Scott’s expedition reach the South Pole before Amundsen?

Farfars Nimbus by René Toft

Granddad pushes the throttle on his Nimbus and takes his two grandchildren on a quirky adventure through Denmark to find their father.

Grundejerforeningen by Marie Skouenborg

Rules for movement and speech creates caricatures of the committed people in the home owner’s association, who fight for the power to decide what to do with the empty lot.

Guder by Mads Egedal Kirchhoff

When the Gods lift their arms, mountains and buildings spring forth. But when they sleep, mankind takes control of the earth in this grand story about powers of creation.

House of Love by Tor Kjetil Edland and Danny Wilson

Psychological horror about a small family and a very loving house, where each room lures one deeper into the beautiful embrace of the house.

I Will Know My Name by Brand Robins

Four siblings are torn apart by war, and must try to find reconciliation and love in a world that is otherwise screaming for revenge.

Mars 2044 by Frederik J. Jensen

With Apocalypse World as the foundation, the colony on Mars must find a solution when Earth suddenly stops sending supplies.

Midsommer by Mikkel Bækgaard

A drama about love, where the summer becomes claustrophobically warm when your dead husband return.

Olsen Banden for evigt by Elias Helfer

Egon, Benny and Kjeld has to plan their next heist and gather equipment in the classic Olsen Banden manner.

Rosenstrasse by Moyra Turkington and Jessica Hammer

Historical drama about a successful demonstration under the most difficult conditions possible, set in Berlin 1943.

Shards by Jeppe Nybo Jørgensen

The enemy stand outside the city gates, and the choice will be unbearable, for can you love your loved ones enough to kill them? And look them in the eyes at the same time?




Små problemer by Jesper Stein Sandal

The wizard’s laboratory becomes a battlefield when the D&D heroes is shrunk to millimetre size, and still must save the world. 

Troldmandens laboratorium bliver til en vild kampplads, når D&D-heltene forvandles til millimeterstørrelse og stadig skal redde verden.

Starship Troopers – A New Threat by Mads L. Brynnum

The hardcore soldiers are sent into action against the enemy, but slowly the true nature of the war and its necessity dawns on them.

De hårdkogte soldater sendes i aktion mod fjenden, men langsomt går krigens væsen og nødvendighed op for dem.

The Boiler by Jackson Tegu

The generational gap must be closed if the American woman and her Bulgarian grandfather is to find and understand each other.

Generationskløften skal overvindes, hvis den amerikanske kvinde og hendes bulgarske bedstefar skal turde knytte sig til hinanden.

The Story of Jamie Fame Flame by Cleo Hatting

Surreal dungeon-crawl inside the mind of a twisted rock star, who does not want to face his own flaws and fans.

Surrealistisk dungeon-crawl i sindet på en forskruet rockstjerne, der kæmper for ikke at se sine egne fejl og fans i øjnene.

Torfenheim by Anders Frost Bertelsen, Kristoffer Rudkjær and Simon Steen Hansen

An Ensemble drama about a small town in the Warhammer Universe, tearing itself apart with fear and witch burnings.

Ensembledrama om en lille by i Warhammer-verdenen, der fortærer sig selv i frygt og hekseafbrændinger.

Under frie stjerner by Louise Floor Frellsen and Louis M. Kehlet

A Star-Wars drama on finding the boundary between ideological rebellion and downright terrorism.

Et Star Wars-drama om at finde grænsen mellem ideologisk oprør og barsk terrorisme.


Finally we have a scenario, which we cannot unveil yet, as the physical frameworks are not in place.

Endelig er der et scenarie, som vi endnu ikke kan løfte sløret for, da vi stadig forhandler med forfatterne om de fysiske rammer

Junior eller ung på Fastaval

Vi har rigtig mange unge deltagere på Fastaval, og vi sørger for at tage hånd om jer. Vi har bl.a. en ungdomssovesal, og hvis den skulle blive fyldt op laver vi et særligt ungdomsområde i den almindelige sovesal. Et vigtigt sted at kende som ung på Fastaval er Ungdomsloungen. Som noget nyt i år har vi bedt de scenarieansvarlige og brætspilsansvarlige om at anbefale spil og scenarier, som vil kunne give særligt gode oplevelser til dig som ung på Fastaval. Du kan læse mere om de enkelte spil og scenarier her på hjemmesiden, og du kan selvfølgelig også tilmelde dig andre ting.

Fastaval anbefaler til unge

Brætspil: Blades, Bows & Fireballs, Café Life, Ia! Ia!, Jumping Frog, Orbit

Rollespil: Greven og Dragen, Wong Feis kro, Frankenstein’s Creatures, Dancing Across the Universe.

Junior på Fastaval

Er du 12 år eller under, skal du ikke betale for indgang. Man skal være 13 år for at tilmelde sig scenarier og brætspil, men til gengæld er der rig mulighed for børn på 12 eller under for at spille både brætspil og rollespil fredag til Fastaval Junior. På samme måde vil vi også prøve at oprette juniorhold til Hinterlandet om muligt, og her må man også gerne tage sine forældre med. 

News from the Fastaval Bar

We’ve got some early news from the legendary Fastaval Bar. This year the beast has transformed itself into an Event Bar. Without saying too much, we know the hammer will fall! Read all about it.

BREAKING NEWS: Otto Channel returns

Otto Channel – our resident TV satire experts – returns for Fastaval 2014 to lovingly spank the Danish roleplaying community.

This year you can be a part of deciding what should be on the screen. If you think there is anything in the Danish (or international) roleplaying community that needs a firm satirical spanking, do not hesitate to contact the TV crew on, or leave a message on their Facebookside “Otto Channel”

Already missing last year, or didn’t get a chance to see the shows? Visit the Otto Channel on Vimeo to watch shows from Fastaval ’13 and Forum ’13.

We’re looking forward to satire your boots off!

Programme change: “Lethal Wings” cancelled – All Night Action block changed

Unfortunately, we will not be seeing the roleplaying scenario “Lethal Wings” on Fastaval 2014. Therefore, we have decided to remove the All Night Action block, and let the two other scenarios from the event – “Three Days until Retirement” and “Uwe Boll’s Big Gay Wedding” – participate as standard novella scenarios.

Scenariet “Dødbringende Vinger” er desværre aflyst. Derfor har vi valgt at nedlægge All Night Action-blokken, og i stedet lade de to andre scenarier fra blokken, “Three Days until Retirement” og “Uwe Boll’s Big Gay Wedding”, deltage som almindelig novellescenarier på Fastaval 2014.

Mark Rein·Hagen, the Guest of Honor 2014

Mark Rein-Hagen

Mark Rein·Hagen, a role-playing, card, video and board game designer has been confirmed to be the Guest of Honor on Fastaval 2014. He is best known as the creator of Vampire: The Masquerade, he is one of the original two designers of Ars Magica (along with Jonathan Tweet). The American designer is currently based on Tbilisi, Gerorgia.

Fastaval veterans might remember that Rein·Hagen has previously been visiting Fastaval in 1994. Rein·Hagen is delighted to return and his program will be confirmed closer to the event.

In 2012 Rein·Hagen worked on a card game called Democracy: Majority Rules (Make Believe Games), that was successfully funded by Kickstarter in November 2012. Rein·Hagen has taken his love and study of politics to create a game of power struggles, debate, politics and diplomacy. Players play an activist, a power broker, or the leader of a political party – someone who organizes campaigns, games the system and wins elections.

Mark Rein·Hagen is currently working on a new roleplaying game on Kickstarter called I AM ZOMBIE (Make Believe Games), where the players are the Zombies instead of the humans hunting Zombies. The idea for the game rose from the book I AM ZOMBIE printed in 1962, about a covert community of plague bearers living in the cracks and recesses of the modern world. “I AM ZOMBIE is a roleplaying game of horror and survival, set in a twisted version of the modern world, layered with secrets and mysteries”, describes the Kickstarter website.

This visit has been made possible by Østerskov Efterskole, and even if Mark Rein·Hagen is Guest of Honor of Fastaval, he is also praised visitor of the boarding school. Fastaval is extraordinarily happy about this arrangement which continues the cooperation between the convention and Østerskov Efterskole in Hobro, the roleplaying capital of Denmark.


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Original Concept and Design
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Storyteller Creator and Contributors
1999: HTR: Hunter Survival Guide

Storyteller Game System
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2003: MTAs: The Fallen Tower: Las Vegas
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2002: MTAs: Tradition Book: Euthanatos
2002: MTAs: Tradition Book: Dreamspeakers
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More about Mark Rein·Hagen:

Program change: ”RPG Battles – Roleplayer of the year” af Morten Jaeger

The scenario “Parapsykologen” has unfortunately been canceled. Instead, we have the pleasure of announcing Helcon* for Fastaval 2014: “RPG Battles – Roleplayer of the year” by Morten Jaeger is a roleplaying adaptation of the US talent show The Voice. During three shows participants will fight under the expert guidance and protection of their star coaches to win the title  ‘Roleplayer of the Year Fastaval 2014’ in front of an enthusiastic audience. It will be crazy!

*What is Helcon, you ask? We really cannot tell you. We can only show you. It’s crazy! It’s immersive! It never stops.