Follow five nobles along their meteoric rise from simple pawns to master players in the Game of Power. Noblesse oblige tightly binds even the mightiest of kings with chains of responsibility in this feudal fantasy epic.

Players/GM 5 players + 1 facilitator

Time 5 hours

Language Danish and English

Age limit 15+

How much do you have to read 2 pages character + 5-6 pages during play

  • Drama

  • Tragedy

  • Storytelling


In the Capital of the Realm, the Emperor sits, chained to the throne. The chain represents the Emperor’s commitment to the Realm, and the Realms fealty to the Emperor and It is forged of the intrigues, promises and betrayals required to conquer the Throne.

Chains of Power explores the struggle for the throne and the ways the powerful can be powerless when bound by their responsibilities. Set against a Game of Thrones-inspired fantasy world, the scenario features hatred, love, honor, loyalty, and betrayal as we follow the main character’s journey from naive young pawn to seasoned puppetmaster.

The game mechanics force players to make fateful choices, that develop their characters and relationships. Stylistically, Chains of Power is part freeform scenario, part co-narration, and focuses on epic tragedy, rather than on winning the throne. The players help each other imagine schemes and intrigues in service to their mutual stories.

The designer

Lars Kroll wrote scenarios for Fastaval a long time ago, and does so again now. He has been, and still is, active as a Fastaval organiser. He makes his living creating video games for education and research.