Two lonely teenagers experience their first ground-shaking love, releasing strength and powers they didn’t know about beforehand. A sensual thriller about finding the courage to be who you truly are – if you are ready to face the consequences.

Players/GM 4 players + 1 facilitator

Time 4-5 hours

Language Danish, with english player-facing materials available

Age limit 16+ (violent scenes and sexual content)

How much do you have to read 3-4 pages

  • Thriller

  • Supernatural

  • Sensuality


Every inch of me longs for her. I want to smell her, take her in, feel her intense scent of decayed autumn leaves and flowers.

When Arve and Gaia first meet the earth is shaking. The mulch comes alive and the dead plants are awakening. And as the storm of teenage love intensifies terrible things are about to happen in the small town by the woods.


Changeling is an emotional, sensual thriller about feeling outcast together and experiencing the first raging, overwhelming love. Four players in two collaborative pairs will be playing the teenagers, each playing a certain aspect of that character. The players will be playing supporting characters too.

The game plays out in predetermined scenes set by the game master. The players play out the inner life of the characters and control their actions. In addition to that, the players help to colour the surrounding and to describe the sensual, violent attraction between the two main characters.

The designers

Lars and Mikkel, who are writing together for the first time, are two of the most experienced roleplaying writers in Denmark. They both are fond of games with big emotions and detailed role descriptions. Both of them live in Gribskov, a huge forest in North Sealand, which has inspired them both with the smell and decay of the autumn woods.