Build a route with road types that suit your car and hit your checkpoints faster than your opponents can get to theirs. Obstruct the competition when possible, but plan wisely – every action adds time to the clock!

Checkpoint Rally is a tile placement, racing game for 2-4 players. The goal of the game is to meet all of your objectives with the least amount of time on an ever-changing map. To qualify to win, you must visit all checkpoints on your personal map; to take the title, you must do it in the lowest time. All actions in Checkpoint Rally cost some amount of time, tracked on the stopwatch, like placing a tile, draw new tiles to your hand, or driving your car. Player order is also determined by your time management; the player with the lowest amount of time always takes the next action. Draw and place tiles to build the road for your car, strategically obstructing other racers as you go. GPS updates can also help you find the tile you need. Race through the track fast enough, and you will conquer Checkpoint Rally!

Keywords: Tile placement, route building, racing game

About the designer: Jesper works at Alfa Laval Aalborg A/S in aftersales as a sales supporter and customer claims coordinator. He has played board games since the mid-eighties and back then is was heavy war games like Squad Leader and World in Flames. Nowadays it’s mainly Star Wars X-wing Miniatures and games like Carcasonne and Charterstone. He has for years been messing about with modifications of existing games and lately more and more with his own designs.