You are a collector trying to build the greatest geek collection ever seen! Join in a tense and short worker placement design of nostalgia and fandom!

  • Duration: 45- 75 minutes (including 10-15 minutes of rules explanation)

  • Player count: 2-4

  • Language: English (Almost language independent)


In Collectors, you will take on the role as a collector that tries to buy a valuable and exotic collection of rare Metallica albums, flamethrower replicas from Aliens, and old Fastaval mugs and so on. In addition, you can learn skills such as how to earn extra money or buy energy drinks that give you more actions and the like. Furthermore, you can affect the value of the collections of all the players by hyping the various item categories of the game. Beware though, you have a rather limited number of actions and turns – make sure that you use them wisely.

The main resource of the game is the multipurpose cards. Depending on the position of the cards tucked in under the game board or under the player boards, the cards will represent different things. They can be items of a collection, acquired skills, or can be used to manipulate the geek value of your collection and that of the other players. The winning player is the one with the most valuable collection by the end of the game.

Graphic design by Mads Fløe

About the designer

I am a father of three, a nuclear physicist at Uppsala University, and a reaction operator at the Gameonauts. I love playing many different kinds of games – what kind of games I play depends on who I play with: I play games such as Coup and Carcassonne with my family and more intricate ones, such as Barrage and Agricola, with friends.

I have been designing boardgames for close to ten years. Lately, I gravitate towards simpler designs where the games I create are relatively short and boiled down. I have participated in the game design competition of the lovely Fastaval once before. My contribution, Whirling Witchcraft, won the best boardgame award of Fastaval 2019 – one of my proudest moments of last year!