Ctrl Brain is a complex and paralyzing game that explores the micro-second process in the brain when you decide what to do with a cookie in front of you.

  • Duration: 120-180 min

  • Player count3

  • Language: Engelsk


In Ctrl Brain, the players represent the different wills of the mind and their actions simulate how the wills try to come to a conclusion about what to do with a cookie laying on a table. In the end, the winner gets to decide what to do with the cookie.

Ctrl Brain is an area-control game that uses a unique tile placement and stacking mechanism, where each double-sided tile represents the neurochemical processes of the mind. Players are continuously trying to control the tiles that swiftly move around, attempting to influence the brain cells and their containing tiles, using glucose in the shape of cubes. Watch out – the game state quickly changes and nothing is simply achieved in this brain-burner of a game.

About the designer

What is a board game? What can I convey, can I strive for the progressive development of us as humanity? Can board games be a work of art instead of a pimped product that counts its value in the form of lists, deals, money and the publisher ”Judge Dredd” mentality? What do we want and what is our value base? Can the sense of morality trickle-up between the lines? Can I change the world with this game?

For me as a designer and artist, the engine of a board game is fascinating: a polished roaring motor that spins rhythmically with the fuel from the message or the task of solving the game where other players are the gears that make the game spin.

Well if I jump down from my high horse of pretentious “mumbo-jumbo”, my ambition is mostly about solving problems, can I solve the puzzle of making a good game …and at the same time make you and me ”better” persons?

I hope you come by and try this beast.
Benny Wallin, Gameonaut.
Contact: pellegruvan@hotmail.com