You are lying in the grass together looking at the clouds drifting by. It is summer and it seems like it will last forever.

In Cumulus you have gone cloud watching with your friends, and you are trying to guess what they think the cloud formation looks like.

It is a true co-op game, meaning you win or lose together and there is no hidden traitor or the like.

The game revolves around transparent cards with clouds drawn on them. You use these to shape a cloud formation together, with the goal of guessing what it looks like.

Guess correct enough times and you win the game.
But be aware of the thunderclouds that slowly comes creeping. If you don’t deal with them a thunderstorm will break out and the summer will be over.

Cumulus has some resemblance with games like Charades and Pictionary, but in Cumulus you work together both in the creating and guessing parts of the game.

It is a cosy and easy going experience for when you need a break and what to chill a bit.

Simple rules and easy to learn.

About the designer: Johannes loves to make playful things, and to bring people together in play.
Whether it is board games, tongue controlled installations, playground games, treasure hunts or something else.
Besides that he strive to be kind, honest and keeping things simple.