We are under attack! Not one army, but four distinct armies are attacking the Kings Keep in this asymmetrical, cooperative game for 4 players. You take actions on your personal rondel and must coordinate the follow actions with your teammates, exchange troops and build up war machines to defense against the hordes.

  • Duration: 75 minutes

  • Player count4

  • Language: English & Danish rules – language independent game


It is the first morning of winter. The four savage armies that have overrun your kingdom have gathered around the Kings Keep. The Greenskins of the west, the eastern Barbarians, the Nightelfs from the north, and the Demon horde from deep south are all ready to overrun your walls.

Your elven archers, dwarf warriors, brave knights, and powerful mages are all manning the embattlement and ready for war. Each type of unit is highly specialized and devastating against one of the invading armies. Unfortunately, the foe is cunning, and the opposing troops march on the city where the defenses are weakest. Archers have to run from their east positions to the west wall, while your dwarfs hurry the opposite direction. The knights need to march from the south wall to the north, and mages need to find their way to the south. Getting your troops to the right locations might be the difference between another day and the endless night.

Each enemy army has a deck with a unique AI play style, that only one player will face. On your turn, you take one action on your personal roundel, which will give your fellow players certain follow actions. Next, you draw an army card and the monsters in one of your three lanes will advance and attack.

Move your champion around, march your troops, gain reinforcements, deploy troops, build war machines. But most importantly, coordinate, plan and make compromises, so no wall will be lost in the defense of King’s Keep.

Om designeren

Bastian Borup is an anthropologist and part-time game designer, running events in Copenhagen and pitching a ton of new games to publishers every year in the hunt of first publication.

Om designeren

Lau Korsgaard is a freelance game designer and former creative director in NAPNOK. He has published several award-winning digital games with a strong focus on novel interfaces and weird social interactions. Bastian and Lau have collaboratively made board games together since the age of 5.