Requirements: Sign-up is not required

When: Wednesday at 20.00 – 21.00

Where: The physics room in the far end of the basement. Follow the signs toward “Game Rush” to find your way.

Price: Free

Talk by Jeppe Norsker

Time is a limited resource that we need to economize in all aspects of life – including game design. Do you keep working on your first idea? Or do you keep changing the fundamental mechanisms until the very last second? In either case, Jeppe’s talk on planning your game design will be ressourceful to you. How do you create the best possible game before a deadline?

Jeppe has designed board games for many years, and since releasing his very popular 50 Clues-series last year, he’s been able to call himself a full time board game designer – one of just a handful in Denmark. Besides 50 Clues, Jeppe is also known for Match Madness and Bermuda Pirates.

The talk is open for all participants at Fastaval, but will also function as an introduction to this years Game Rush – a board game design competition, where you have 48 hours to make your own board game from the components of an already published game.