On the battlefields of the outermost province, the fighting is both cruel and epic. In their own bloody march to a glorious death, the Roman soldiers find strength in the memories of home.

Players and facilitators 4 players + 1 facilitator

Duration 1,5 hours

Age limit 15+

Language Danish and English

Quantity of reading 1 page

  • Tragedy

  • Dices

  • Emotions


The horrific cries of death filled the air on the battlefield. The rain hailed down from a coal-black sky. The young Celt fell to the ground. Marcus raised his sword. But he hesitated… The kid wasn’t much older than Marcus’ own son. How could he as a father take the life of a boy who might as well have been his own. The boy’s eyes glowed with fear as he desperately reached for his lost weapon. Marcus gave him the finishing blow.

Emotions of War is a tragedy short story about the feelings that soldiers experience in the heat of battle. The style of play is action in the war scenes, mixed with a melancholy tragic mood. When the situation is most dire in the gruesome battles, the characters may choose to sacrifice one of their memories and the value attached to it to help themselves or one of their comrades to survive a little longer. What values does a soldier stick to even if it costs him his life?

About the designer

Kenneth Christian Niemann has been a frequent participant at Fastaval since 2004 and has now finally decided to make the author leap for his debut at Fastaval 2020. He loves deep, evocative role play mixed with good interaction between players.