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New at Fastaval

Are you new to Fastaval? On this site, you can get answers to some of the questions that new participants, or parents, often pose about Fastaval.

We can also be reached at, or you may ask us questions via Facebook.

Practical information about time, place, price, and transport is available here.

Fastaval’s rules can be read here.

What is Fastaval?2020-01-07T22:35:42+02:00

Fastaval is a convention with a focus on roleplaying and board games. Each year, 800-1000 people meet to play, game, workshop, party, trade, and geek out together across age boundaries. Fastaval is a collection of many different activities that exist under the same umbrella.

Here, you may engage in Pathfinder roleplaying, Magic the Gathering and Warhammer, or you can play some of the fantastic designer board games and premiere roleplaying scenarios, among the best in the world, that have been contributed by Fastaval’s own participants.

Fastaval can best be described as a five-day miniature society, where everything you need is at the convention site. Fastaval has its own kiosk, bar, a coffee “inn” with luxurious coffee, and board games are available for loan. In the same vein, shops come every year to sell merchandise to attendants.

Furthermore, Fastaval has its own television team, its own unique cleaning crew armed with plungers and cleaning articles, and its own information stand ready to ask all forthcoming questions.

Fastaval always takes place at Easter, from Wednesday to Monday. Since 2012, Fastaval has been located at Mariagerfjord Highschool, Hobro.

Who organizes Fastaval?2020-01-07T22:34:59+02:00

Fastaval has many organizers because all attendants who man a certain area are viewed as such.

Here you may read about some of the organizational areas, that you are likely to come in contact with during Fastaval:

  • The Bunker: Fastaval has a primary steering committee called the Bunker, led by a primary organizer called the General. You can read about the Bunker here. During Fastaval, members of the Bunker take turns being the General and having the overall responsibility for the convention. You can read more about the current General here.
  • The Info: An information stand that can answer all your questions about Fastaval during the Congress. Read more about the Info here.
  • The Fire Patrol: an Organizational group that keeps an eye out for fire alarms 24 hours a day, making Fastaval safe for all of us. Read more about the Fire Patrol here.
  • Dirtbusters: cleaning crew that keeps Fastaval clean. Read more about Dirtbusters here.
How do I sign up for Fastaval?2020-01-07T22:34:31+02:00

The registration period opens up about two months before the start of Fastaval. You can find information about this year’s registration here, or you can follow us on Facebook, where registration will be made available when it is ready.

  • Before sign-up: If you are in the situation that you would like to sign up for Fastaval, it can be a good idea to first read a bit about this year’s activities, so you have an idea of what you would like to do. It can also be a good idea to know upfront, which type of ticket you need. You can find information about tickets here.
  • Practical stuff: In the registration form you start by filling out practical information. Here you will have the opportunity to choose a package solution, which gives you a ticket to all of Fastaval, including accommodations in the dormitory, as well as meals (vegetarian or non-vegetarian). You also get access to the final Otto party and a membership of ALEA. You can also fill out the form in a more individualized way if you cannot participate on a certain day, or do not need a meal at a certain time.
  • Activities: After you have signed up for the practical stuff, you will need to sign up for activities. Fastaval is a big place, with a great many different activities, and at first sight, it may seem slightly overwhelming. Not to worry! Everything will turn out fine – and you can always go back and correct a mistake in the form. You can sign up for activities in “gaming blocks” from Wednesday evening, running through Thursday to Saturday morning, midday, and afternoon, as well as Sunday morning, but you do not need to sign up for activities in all gaming blocks. You can also freely sign up for several overlapping activities, but this means that you have to prioritize them in order (If you are to be a game master in a one-shot, you can prioritize by writing sl. 1). We have a team of people who will attempt to solve the puzzle in a way that ensures, that as many people as possible can enjoy their first priorities.
  • DIT: If you are not part of Fastaval’s organizational team, you will be asked to perform DIT-service. DIT in Danish is “Gør Det Sammen” and translates to “Do It Together”, and it means that you will have to spend a small amount of your time at Fastaval as a volunteer. As an example, this service may be a few hours at the dishwasher’s, or with the fire watch. When registering for Fastaval, you can request to be a DIT in a specific area, if you’d rather decorate the Otto party, or help in the Oasis, but there are no guarantees. We will ensure that your DIT service does not overlap with your other planned activities. If you are below 18 years of age, you cannot be a DIT in a place which serves alcohol. Read more about DIT here.
  • Your personal program: When registration for this year’s activities has closed, we will begin to map your program for this year’s Fastaval. About a week before Fastaval you will receive an email where you can see which activities you have been assigned. Please be aware that smaller changes may occur – most commonly in terms of your DIT-service. Therefore, remember to check your attendant’s note, which will be printed to you at the Information stand, when you arrive at Fastaval. You can also check your activities on your telephone if you download the Fastaval app (available for both Android and iPhone).
What do I do when I arrive at Fastaval?2020-01-07T22:34:07+02:00
  1. When you arrive at Fastaval, the first thing you do is check in. This you do at the Info, where organizers clad in orange stand ready to cross you off, and give you a bracelet and a participant’s sheet. This pertains to both participants who will be at Fastaval for several days and those who are limited to day-tickets.
  2. After check-in, you have to find your sleeping spot. If you are to sleep in the dormitory, you have to go over and there place your sleeping gear and general baggage. If you ordered a mattress when registering for Fastaval, this will be noted on your attendant’s note. Show this to the fire watch, who will be right next to the dormitory, and a mattress will be provided for you.
  3. Now your Fastaval can finally begin. Maybe you are going to play a board game in the coffee inn, enjoy a delicious cocktail in the Oasis, visit one of the stores or make yourself ready for the many exciting activities.
Where do I sleep?2020-01-07T22:33:32+02:00

If you are a regular attendee with a ticket for an overnight stay at Fastaval, you will have a place in the sleeping dormitory. You are personally responsible for all necessary sleeping gear, including a mattress or sleeping mat. Exceptions are those who have ordered a mattress when registering. If you are bringing an inflatable mattress, you will need to inflate it outside the dormitory. Inside the dormitory, the designated sleeping area will be clearly marked with tape. You may not sleep outside the marked area for fire safety reasons. The same applies to your baggage. Near the dormitory, you will find common toilets and sex-separated bathing facilities. During Fastaval, the lights in the dormitory will be turned off at all hours, so if you need light to guide you to your area, you can use your phone or bring a flashlight – just make sure to be considerate of other attendees.

Outside the dormitory, fire sentries can be found at all hours. During the day these will primarily be DIT’s and during the evening they will be part of the fire watch organizational team. You can always go to a fire sentry if issues arise. Attendees who have a ticket for the dormitory get a special bracelet, and the fire sentry may check this bracelet. Only attendees with a bracelet for the dormitory may spend any amount of time there.

If you are registered along with your youth- or boarding school, you may choose to sleep in a separate dormitory, where only other youths may sleep.

What will I eat at Fastaval?2020-01-07T22:32:58+02:00

Read about catering here, or read about our sales venues here.

There are multiple shopping options in Hobro town that lies in a walking distance from Mariagerfjord Highschool.

Partying and alcohol during Fastaval?2020-01-07T22:32:12+02:00

Fastaval has two places that serve alcohol: the Oasis and the Bar. You will find them both in Hobro Sportscenter.

Read about Fastaval’s rules on alcohol use here.

When I leave Fastaval?2020-01-07T22:31:47+02:00

Fastaval ends Monday, where the lights will be turned on in the dormitory, and everyone packs their sleeping gear. A free breakfast will be provided for all who help with the dismantling of the Congress. Afterward, we all help each other clean up. If you don’t know how you can help, make yourself known to an organizer in the common area. When Fastaval looks nice again, you can go home.

Naturally, there may be any number of reasons an attendee cannot participate in the cleanup. Fastaval neither can nor wants to force you to stay until Monday. However, it is worth realizing that Fastaval only exists because we create it together and help each other out.

What else do I need to know about Fastaval?2020-01-07T22:30:16+02:00

Fastaval slang: Fastaval has existed since 1986, and this means that the Congress has generated its own lingo and strange concepts. It can be slightly annoying if you are new and others use expressions you do not know. As an example – what is a DB or an infonaut, and who is that Otto guy? Because of this, Fastaval has its own dictionary, where you can read about expressions and words that are unique to Fastaval. Read the dictionary here.

Volunteering: Fastaval is run by a lot of volunteers, who are very passionate about the conventions, but the wheels only turn because everyone pitches in and help each other out. Some design games, others host events or activities, some are the night time fire sentries, but by far the most attendees take on one or more DIT-services. Read more about DIT here.

Help each other: At Fastaval we strive to create a culture, where help is always available. This is why you can always ask another participant for help or the organizers. If you need information or need to find a specific organizer, you can also ask at the Info.

Money: At Fastaval it is possible to pay with most Danish credit cards and to withdraw money, just as most sales venues will accept Mobilepay. If you do not have a credit card or Mobilepay, you need to bring cash. Unfortunately, Fastaval does not accept international credit or debit cards. There is an ATM in Hobro town.

The “reserve line”: If you for one reason or another have a gaming timeslot with no activities and would like to try to play a premiering roleplaying scenario, you can always come to the reserve line. The reserve line consists of a number-roll (like at a bakery), that is hung up half an hour before the start of each gaming block. When you have drawn a number, you can sit down somewhere nearby and relax, until the start of the gaming block. Possibly, you can spend the time reading the previews of this year’s premiering scenarios. They will be on a board nearby. When the gaming blocks begin, you will be met by an Infonaut, who will tell you, which scenarios have available slots. The reserve line does not guarantee that you will receive a space on your wanted scenario, but many people have great experiences with the reserve line. You will find the reserve line in the common area at Mariagerfjord high school.

Play startup: Some of Fastaval’s activities require that the participants are separated into teams. This will hold true for example if you have signed up for the premiere scenarios or the designed board games. When and where you have to show up for your activity, is marked on your attendant’s note. Remember to arrive in a timely fashion. If participants are separated into teams, you will often be asked to show up in a classroom. At the meeting place, the registered participants will be welcomed by a person responsible for this activity, who will make the teams. How teams are made, differs. In the case that not all registered participants have shown up, an Infonaut will make sure that people arrive from the reserve line. When you have been assigned to a team, you will be shown to your gaming room, and the activity can begin.

The Safety Hosts: If you need someone to talk with during Fastaval, you can always contact the Safety Hosts. They are a group of volunteers, who are always ready to talk about big and small if you should need to do so. Read more about the Safety Hosts here.

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