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Other activities 2022

Bastard (Breakfast) Bingo

The Bastard Café is now bringing morning fun to Fastaval! Too tired for emotional roleplay? Too many hangovers to play games with expansions? Or maybe you just feel like chilling in the early hours? Then the Bastard Café Bingo [...]

Beyond the Sun

While the pandemic raged the world of board games has luckily not been stagnating and there are plenty of new and interesting games out there. Beyond the Sun is one of the better ones from the past year. The [...]

Body Talk

Workshop in how to use body language in games involving status. By Thilde Holgersen and Juliane Mikkelsen Do you avoid dominant roles because you don’t want to yell and holler or the opposite because you want to have your [...]

Bring your idea for Fastaval 2023

Do you miss anything at Fastaval? It can be a new activity, new types of stuff for the kiosk or simply something else. Maybe you’ve brewed on something for a long time, or maybe you’ve been inspired by some [...]

Core Space

Core Space is a miniature-based sci-fi board game. Each player controls a crew of Traders, who uses dubious means to survive at the edge of the know part of the galaxy – Core Space, while they are hunted by [...]


Come and roleplay your inner X-factor dream or just sing for fun. Requirements: None When: Saturday 8 PM until people go to bed Where: TBA Price: Free

Fastaval Re-allocation

Fastaval is steadily approaching with the possibility of sending your old nerdy treasures to a new and loving home and bring home the neat stuff, that you have been looking for for a long time. Re-Allocation returns after corona [...]

Fastavals Pottercorner

If you do crochet, knitting, sowing, embroidery or want to learn, then there is room for you at the Pottercorner. We focus on things you can make for your boardgame or pen and paper. We “hygger” with such as [...]

Gamemaster Workshop

Are you going to be a gamemaster at Fastaval? Is there anything you would like to talk about before playing? Then come to the gamemaster workshop. in the first part of the workshop we will give you general tips [...]


If you want to help us in the fight against evil, drop by the boardgame cafe anytime to try Gloomhaven.. No sign up needed as long as you have an hour to spare and there are vacant chairs. Gloomhaven [...]

GM Workshop Podcast

GM workshop is a podcast about role-playing and game mastering. We try to dig up the tacit knowledge from all the Gamemasters and players. And now the time has come for Fastaval. That’s why we want to talk to [...]

Guest of Honour talk

The Greek Philosopher Aristoteles divided activities into two. Those that have an internal purpose, and those that have a purpose outside of the activity itself. What happens when you mix them up? When Jonas Begtrup-Hansen was interviewed at Fastaval [...]


We will walk the grounds and areas that comprise Fastaval. Along the way we will attempt to answer all questions you might have, in particular questions regarding Fastaval, any questions regarding high energy physics may have to remain unanswered. [...]

Magic the Gathering

Sealed: Sealed is a great format if you look forward to the excitement of checking out new cards and playing without being required to bring your own pre-built deck. Unlike constructed games—where you arrive with your strategically created deck—in [...]

Pathfinder Society

At Fastaval we will continuously be running organized play events of Pathfinder (2nd edition) and Starfinder. Pathfinder Society is suited for all ages, so everyone is welcome.  There are no requirements to participate, and no restrictions on who can. [...]


Everyday you can stop by and get inspiration to how to pimp your game. We get together with some skilled do-it-yourself types, so you can learn about dicebags, componentbags  and baskets, figurine painting, use of fimoclay, inserts to your [...]

Real Talk

Looking to catch up with old friends and make new ones at the same time? Join this facilitated conversation party that cuts past the small talk, so you can really get to know others. At Fastaval there are so [...]

Run with the General

Go for a run in Hobro Østerskov together with the General Karen. A fresh morning run fills you up with great energy for the rest of the day! Go for a run in the unique forest that surrounds Fastaval. [...]

Sinister Ploy Labs

Sinister Ploy Studio combines roleplay and elements from the theater world, and therefore uses set design as well as light and sound for their activities. Sinister Ploy Labs includes some of their experimenting activities, which they want to test [...]

The Great Fastaval Basar

The Fastaval Basar is a place to meet the local clubs, live roleplays, roleplay events, RP schools and more depending on who is coming this present year. It is a place for them to show the flag and get [...]

The Great Fastaval BrickOff

So you've mastered the art of stacking games like Jenga and Klodsmajor and beaten every aunt, uncle or kid in town, and are now looking for more challenges? Or you've just got an hour to spare and are looking [...]

The Otto Party – rise from the ashes

Like a phoenix, the Otto Party will rise from the ashes in the spirit of this year's theme. We have a new crew of organisers with only a few repeaters from previous years, and we will take a slightly [...]

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