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Fastaval has a proud history of fostering creative and innovative board games. Magic Maze, Whirling Witchcraft, Fog of Love, 50 Clues and Pagan: Fate of Roanoke were all originally developed for Fastaval. Fastaval 2022 will once again showcase the most creative and innovative board games – and we want your game to be one of them!

Send us YOUR boardgame!

We want to give participants at Fastaval amazing and unique experiences and welcome all genres and types of games. Fastaval’s participants are a very diverse crowd, from roleplayers with little board game experience to hardcore eurogamers, from casual gamers to miniature gamers. We welcome all kinds of games, from social games to immersive narratives, creative party games, innovative eurogames, dexterity games and much more.

Why submit your game to Fastaval?

You get to have your game showcased at Fastaval and will be eligible to win the Otto awards for Best board game and most innovative board game. We systematically gather feedback for you from the players and judges and provide it to you after Fastaval 2022.

When your pitch has been accepted, we will help you make a design plan for your game and provide feedback throughout the design process. We have a network of specialist who can help you with everything from game design, balancing, interaction design, graphical design and production – depending on the needs of your specific game.

What we need

To submit a game-pitch, you must provide us your details and upload a PDF file using the online submission form. Click this link to open the form:


The deadline for submitting pitches for games is Friday the 27th of August 23:59 Danish time (CEST/GMT+1).

If you have any questions, please contact us at

What should be in the pitch?

In the pitch we want you to focus on the following:

  • What makes your game stand out? We receive more than a hundred submissions – focus on the key aspect of your game that sets it apart.
  • What do you want the players to experience playing the game? Try to describe the key choices, dilemmas or emotions you want the players to experience playing your game.
  • Have you developed a prototype and/or playtested it? What are your current next steps and challenges?
  • Please include pictures or sketches of your current prototype, if any. This makes it much easier to understand your game.

Here are two examples of great pitches.

Dates for prototype events to follow



Towards the deadline on August 27th, there will be a number of opportunities to test and get response on your game. We host a number of events in around Denmark.

We would really like to have seen your game live before the deadline if at all practical – it gives us a much clearer picture of what it is about.

The deadline is Friday, August 27th at 23:59 Danish time (CEST/GMT+1).


As soon as we have received all the pitches, we start the proces of reading, debating and selecting the games we want for Fastaval. After one week, at the latest, we will be in touch to let you know if you are in or not. If your game is accepted, we will contact you in order to agree on a specific timeline for your game towards Easter and Fastaval. You will also be invited to our facebook group for all the designers, where there are rich possibilities for ongoing feedback and advice.


During October, at the latest, we expect your game to have been tested in an end-to-end play through, the first draft of the rules to have been written, and you should have gotten some feedback.


More tests, feedback and development



At this point the presentation of the game for the program and a poster/front for the game must be done


By now the final version of the rules must be done, so you have the last month and a half available for the productioon of the physical games themselves


Production of games




After Fastaval you will receive feedback from the judges on your game, along with a summary of the feedback forms we have given to the players to fill out after playing your game

The game design coordinators at Fastaval 2022

The coordinators’ task is to ensure the guests af Fastaval high quality boardgame experiences from a broad selection of board- and cardgames. We want to be an active partner in the design process through sparring and guidance, setting up sub-goals and deadlines, and in particular opportunities to get prototypes playtested continuously along the way. Our goal is to customize the design timeline to the individual game’s needs.

The coordinators also have the task of selecting this year’s field of designer board games from among the submitted pitches based on criteria such as potential, state of progress, theme and mechanics. The coordinators are not part of the jury who will judge the completed games at Fastaval, and select the Otto winners.

You can contact the board game organizers at

The coordinators for Fastaval 2022 are:

Max Møller

Max designs games for learning and organisational development for the agency Workz for a living. Max plays heavy eurogames with his friends, Pandemic with his wife and Kingdomino with his children. He likes games that provide complex decisions and a challenging progression with simple rules. He is actively training to keep his AP under control.

Max has made two board games for Fastaval, with 14 years in between, and has also written a number of role playing games for Fastaval.

Kåre Torndahl Kjær

In order to afford going to Fastaval and similar nerdy things, Kåre works as an IT Project Manager. He is especially interested in board games that help players tell stories, where mechanics and themes are closely linked, or pushes the limits of what a board game is. His favorite games include Terraforming Mars, Secret Hitler and Pandemic Legacy.

Kåre has been designing boardgames for Fastaval for the previous three years and has played others since his first Fastaval in 2012.

Allan A. Kirkeby

Allan has worked in the computer game industry since the 90s as musician, game designer, producer and CEO and has contributed to more than 50 game titles. Today he works as an advisor to start-ups in the Danish computer game industry.

Allan is a fan of Bloodbowl and Star Wars: Destiny. He regularly plays Formula De with a group of friends. He also plays Zombie Dice, Wingspan, Machi Koro and Magic Maze with his two sons.

Allan had his first board game Itchy Monkey published in 2018 and hopes to publish more in the coming years. Allan has designed games for Fastaval since 2016.

Tina Christensen

As scientific adviser for the Danish government, Tina travels the world trying to fix the overheating climate. Her board game collection, closing in on 200, is dominated by complex Eurogames, civilization/4X games and atmosphere-driven games like Fury of Dracula and Betrayal. Together with fellow friends in Among Meeples she has designed and published Colonies (2012) and Among Nobles (2015). The release of the latter was assisted by the nice reception of the game (then named Heirs) at Fastaval. Last year she co-designed a game for Fastaval.