by Elias Helfer

The winter has been long and hard. For many months, the family has been cooped up in the small hut. Everyone is on everybody’s nerves, and everybody is keeping their feelings on ice. But many years of grudges and complaints lurk right under the surface, and are ceaselessly threatening to break forth.

One early morning, the son of the family sneaks out from the claustrophobic cabin and down to the ice to play. While he moves further and further out onto the creaking ice, the rest of the family slowly awakens, and glares silently at each other over breakfast. When will the ice break, and the cold war break out in flames?


Players: 4 (1 reads ahead)

Language: Danish and English

Brasst Issinn is an intense, short form scenario about disappointed love, fermented resentment and ice cold air. The scenario switches between storytelling scenes about the boy on the thinner and thinner ice, and scenes in the cabin, in which the players develop the quiet buildup to the inevitable row.

The game ends when the row breaks out - and ice breaks under the boy.

The game has no gamemaster, but one player in each group should have read the game in advance. If you are willing to read the scenario and explain it to a group of co- players, please let us know! Write it in the comments section, or get in touch with the writer directly.