by Andreas Miller and Vitus Benzon

Welcome to City of Masks, an economic game set in the city of Venice during the height of its influence and prosperity from the mid-1500s to the mid-1600s. In this game, you will take on the role of a wealthy and influential family vying for power and prestige in the bustling, mercantile hub of the Mediterranean. As you compete with other players to become the most successful and influential family in the city, you will have the opportunity to engage in trade and seek out opportunities for economic growth. However, be warned: player interaction is at the heart of this game, and the risk of being swindled or betrayed by your fellow players is always present. Can you navigate the treacherous waters of Proto-Capitalism and emerge as the Doge of Venice?


  • Time: 120 min + 10 min rules
  • Players: 4-5 (bedt with 5)
  • Language: English

City of Masks is a financial boardgames with focus on player interaction. You have the opportunity to build a merchant empire through trading and making deals with other players - but beware, as you are always at risk of getting betrayed.

City of masks is an attempt to make a eurogame based on player interaction. This is done through two core mechanics. Trade and Prisoner's dilemma - both have their own risks and rewards. 

A turn in City of Masks is divided into a day phase and a night phase – both further subdivided. The dayphase is where investments are made, and you expand your economic empire. The night phase is a time for backroom dealings and backstabbing. It’s where the high risk, high reward deals and betrayals take place. 

In the end it's all about getting prestige - something that is not always good for your further economic growth.

About the designers

Andreas Miller works at Østerskov Efterskole, a school where the students play a different game every week. In this capacity he has designed and helped design countless teaching games. City of Masks started as a mega game about how economics work, why zero-sum thinking is wrong and decision making. He has played games - boardgames, roleplaying games and computer games as long as he can remember.

Vitus Benzon…  !