Core Space is a miniature-based sci-fi board game.

Each player controls a crew of Traders, who uses dubious means to survive at the edge of the know part of the galaxy – Core Space, while they are hunted by the Purge, a semi-conscious race of humanoid machines whose only goal is to harvest worlds.

Each player’s crew tries to solve the mission while the threat from the Purge grows through the rounds. It is a game where cooperation may be key to success, at least until a point.

Core Space takes place in a hardcore Sci-fi world inspired by shows and movies such as Firefly and The Expanse.

The game is both PvP and PvE depending how much you trust the other crews and how well you are able to negotiate with them along the way.

The game is fast, tactical, epic and the included cardboard terrain looks amazing. No knowledge of the rules is needed, the game is easily accessible.

Requirements: None

Minimum: 2 participants

Maximum: 9 participants

When: Friday 2-6 PM

Where: The Board Game Café

Price: Free