Three boys head go after The Old Pike, a slimy, horny beast, in the canals. Out here they meet a deranged world with personal boundaries get pushed, leading towards some sort of violation.

Number of players/game facilitators 3/1

Runtime Approx. 4 hours

Language Can be played in both Danish and English. Material for facilitator only available in Danish.

Age restriction 18 years.

Amount of reading 5 pages.

Online Yes

  • Sexuality

  • Fishing Trip

  • Boundaries getting overstepped.


In the canals cutting through the flat land near The Fjord, The Old Pike lives. It’s a horny, slimy beast, who generations have been telling stories about. It is said that if you catch the beast, you’re suddenly allowed to do everything you want.

As Simon, Malthe and Tobias head out to catch The Pike, they are sucked into a world without boundaries – and into a world they don’t understand but are intensely drawn to. Out here the boys’ growing sexuality starts to roar, making the trip about a lot more than catching a fish.

It is a poetic journey into nature as well as a rough world in which sexual boundaries doesn’t exist. As teenage hormones, the fishing trip and The Pike’s calling merge together, the boys get into deeper and deeper water, pushing them towards abuse or violation.

The Old Fat Pike is a dark coming of age story that plays out in a twisted larger-than-life setting. Even though it is about teenagers it’s not a story for teenagers at all. Imagine Stand By Me, meeting Deliverance and Vasen Road.

Player type

You love playing traditional role playing as well as more narrative, poetic scenes. You can expect friendship and rivalry and you shouldn’t be afraid to push the character’s boundaries. But you should respect the boundaries of both yourself and your co-player. Everybody can to stop the game.

Game master type

As the game master you create atmosphere and set predefined scenes in which you push the characters’ rivalry and growing sexuality. You also like to affect the scenes by asking questions and giving subtle suggestions, leading the game towards a more and more uncomfortable, uncanny atmosphere.