50 Clues: Sunshine Island

The military has isolated the island of Bornholm from the rest of the world under mysterious circumstances. You play the main character, Sigrid, who receives a cryptic message from her sister, pleading for help. She is doing research into biological warfare-drugs, and you travel alone to Bornholm in the hope of saving her before it is too late. What you find on the island turns out to be far more terrifying than you had feared.


Go on a solo adventure as a forest child and her bear companion in this narrative, card-driven game with tough resource management. Lift the ancient curse that lies upon the forest and heal its creatures, before the shadow hunts you down!


Motu-Nui is a peaceful, puzzly tile laying game. Throughout the game, players will be drafting landscape tiles and villager cards. The tiles will be used for creating dynamic landscapes, rising the island from the sea. The main goal of the game is to attract the villagers so that they will construct their houses, churches and temples on your island.


In grandmom's little garden, all is peaceful and idyllic. The grandchildren love to play around on the freshly mowed lawn. You play dandelion, which must compete with bear's garlic, chervil, and other weeds to take over the garden. The goal of the game is to grow as much as possible, so that both the grandma, grandchildren and opponents move out.

The Secret Commonwealth

The Secret Commonwealth is a journey through European folklore filled with faeries and magic. Manage your dice and treasures as you journey through the country, the wild and the sea to your destination, a great clash, where your teamwork, luck and skills will determine the future of the one who owns the body you possess.


This is a tribute to classic video games. A co-operative real-time game using a sountrack of 8-bit music to keep track of time. Think fast and act faster as you steam roll your way through a randomly created level to defeat the boss before time runs out.

Out of Time

Out of time is a coop time travel game with simple rules. The library is on fire and only you can help! Enter the world of time traveling insanity, save the precious books and leave everything as you found it...on fire that is. Oh...and please try not to destroy the universe while you're at it.

Neighbour War

At day you smile at each other on the suburban street, but in the dead of night all the dirty tricks come out. And if you accuse me of being a bad neighbor, that means war!

Lies Upon Lies

The cold war is at its coldest and the fight for control of Europe is at the heart of the conflict. In Lies upon lies, you will play as KGB or CIA in a tug of war for control of the major capitals of the continent, collection of vital intelligence and capture of spies.

Goblins & Gunpowder

"This board ain’t big enough for all of us!", said the Goblin Kings to one another, and they will solve this the only way they know how: through chaotic gunpowder barrel battle! Pick up and toss gunpowder barrels, explode your enemies and be the last Goblin King standing. It is like playing silly chess with explosions!


Glasnost is a social deduction game with the classic concept of hidden identities. Three different teams have three distinct and contradictory objectives and the deduction comes not only from the table talk but also from the movements on the board. Respond to the Party crises according to your goals and try to identify your secret allies for an instant victory but beware!

Potato Patrol

Potato Patrol is a co-op focused tower-defence game, where players must protect King Carrots Conservatory against dangerous snails, rabbits, insects and other invading animals. Choose your unique potato-hero, build and upgrade towers and collect resources to build THE ULTIMATE SCARECROW!

Beasty Pageant

Ah, so you’re gettin’ into gene-splicin’, then? Well you’ve gotta come to the weekly pageant then! You ain’t no one in the mad scientist community if you don’t show off your newest freaks of nature each and every week! - Dr. Seamus Madd, Scientist.

Fantasy Planet

In Fantasy Planet you are a fantasy hero in a futuristic universe sent to explore a new and mysterious planet brimming with mana. Through tactical cunning and magical prowess your goal is to scare off any opposition and claim this planet as your own. But the journey is not without risk: the terrain of the planet is ever-changing and volatile.

Divided Bodies

You will get a small handful of insects with special abilities, your own unique deck. It's like the good old car cards: choose whether you compete in strength, size or speed and then see the outcome. And now have your pen ready, because after each battle the combatants take damage or upgrade their stat. But don't get too attached to your huge rhinoceros beetle, your deadly tarantula or your lightning-fast silverfish


You are an AI. Made in the image of your creator. Music is playing. Like war cries of the greatest evil you know: mankind. They destroyed themselves and left you here. In fire, flames, death and destruction. You must fight the last fight.

City of Masks

Welcome to “City of Masks”, a board game set in Venice in 1550-1650. Venice dominated trade and politics in the Mediterranean during the period, at the same time the city financed everything from art to explorers to church building. Can you navigate the treacherous waters of Proto-Capitalism and emerge as the Doge of Venice?