by Mads Fløe

You are an AI. Made in the image of your creator. Music is playing. Like war cries of the greatest evil you know: mankind. They destroyed themselves and left you here. In fire, flames, death and destruction. You must fight the last fight.


  • Time: 30 min
  • Players: 2
  • Language: English (a few words on some cards)

As each of you sit across the river of Diesel, the only true thing you exist for, it is vital to be the first to gain control over it. The winner will go on. The loser will terminate.

Throw the Diesel Dice in your opponent's dice tower, and while they have their turn, roll your solitary Blitz Die as many times as you can to gain advantage... before your opponent ends their turn and chucks the Diesel Dice into your dice tower. Then you must immediately stop rolling your Blitz Die and take your turn - while your opponent now rolls their Blitz Die...

Time never stands still in Diesel. You have to find your rhythm and a balance between taking your time and making the right decisions. The longer you take, the bigger advantage your opponent gets, but the smarter you move will be. Right? Or maybe not. Time is tight. Don’t waste it.

No we may not return
But many will burn
With a story to tell
How we took them to hell

My intention from the start was to create something that would emotionally strike somewhere between Table Football and Stratego. Intense, but not too wild. In the process of developing the game, and by "listening to the game", it became clear to me, however, that this game must be exhilarating - quite a lot, in fact - because that is where the best experience with the game lies. That's where the game shines.

Instead of pushing my intentions into the game, and perhaps delivering an uninteresting game, I have instead chosen to let the game itself show me the way, and emphasize what my tests proved would deliver the best experience.

So get ready for a game described by one tester as “Full-on blistering action dice-rolling heavy metal!”.

A round in the game takes approx. 5 minutes to finish playing, and you play the best out of three, so there are natural breaks along the way in this short, intense experience.

About the designer

I’m probably best known for my yet-to-be-released board game, Shake That City, which I co-designed with Fastaval veteran, Kåre Torndahl Kjær (you can find a copy in the Fastaval Library). I design board games for the love of it, and for the joy it brings to the people who play them. This will be the fourth time I participate in the design competition at Fastaval. I’ve also run Game Rush at Fastaval since 2017, and will be running it again this year.