by Bastian Borup

You will get a small handful of insects with special abilities, your own unique deck. It's like the good old car cards: choose whether you compete in strength, size or speed and then see the outcome. And now have your pen ready, because after each battle the combatants take damage or upgrade their stat. But don't get too attached to your huge rhinoceros beetle, your deadly tarantula or your lightning-fast silverfish – because you're both fighting for points in the bigger tournament and for a steal from your opponent’s deck.


  • Time: 10 min
  • Players: 2
  • Language: English

Show up at one of the Divided Bodies official game sessions or ask me for an envelope with a unique deck, one type of insect and a set of special powers. 50 unique sets (or more sets if interest is overwhelming already at registration). You fight one opponent at a time, short duels, first to 5 points. Play in the tournament blocks or while waiting for your toast. Anywhere. And keep an eye on the tournament wall, the winner will be announced on Sunday.

You will have one specie in your deck at the beginning of Fastaval. Kortenes effects are created by a randomness generator like in Keyforge - so be ready for luck, madness and deep injustice. Or steal the opponent's cards as in the very first versions of Magic (Ante). Or sit back and rely on the game's catchup mechanics in the form of handicaps and upgrades written directly on your cards. Any duel makes your deck bigger, stronger, faster, regardless of the outcome. But don't take too much damage and your insect must say FAREWELL/RITCH/SPLAT.

The game is simple:

  1. The attacker plays a card face down and chooses contest.
  2. The defender plays a card
  3. Turn over both cards and perform effects
  4. Settle the match: The winning card is set of to the side as 1 point and gets the Battleground Bonus. The loser gets to upgrade.
  5. Both players draw a new card.

Bang! You are ready. Let the butterflies lose!

About the designer

Attending Fastaval for the 4th time in a row as a designer - which indicates quite well, what most of my free time is spent on. I have been running Testing Tuesday for the past few years at the Bastard Café and otherwise tries to get to as many design-related events as possible around Denmark. Still haven’t signed my first contract, but it's coming! On the other hand, my Wolves on the Hunt won board game of the year at Fastaval last year. This year I am very excited to see how the format for Divided Bodies will be received by you.