by Daniel Olai

In Fantasy Planet you are a fantasy hero in a futuristic universe sent to explore a new and mysterious planet brimming with mana. Through tactical cunning and magical prowess your goal is to scare off any opposition and claim this planet as your own. But the journey is not without risk: the terrain of the planet is ever-changing and volatile. Shape the planet and use its terrain to your advantage to win.


  • Time: 60-120 min
  • Players: 2-4
  • Language: English

See a video about the game:

Fantasy Planet is a science-fantasy wargame on an ever-changing battlefield. At the start of the game you take turns building up the board by laying down hexflowers. Each flower has two sides with seven hexes on each side. Every hex has one of six different terrain types that govern how you can move across the board. Stepping in lava will burn your foot and trying to swim across a large body of water is impossible lest you know how to fly. Setting up the board to your advantage and utilizing the terrain is detrimental to your success.

You take control of one the game’s six asymmetric factions vying for control of the mysterious planet. What faction you choose to play will highly influence your experience. Each faction presents a different twist on a fantasy race. The orcs have been taken over by plants, the dwarves got taken over by a malicious AI, and the dragons are now bleak images of their former selves due to an abundance of cross-species unions.

Each turn you will draw a bunch of cards from a deck that you can play by spending mana. In the beginning you will only have access to cards that let you put more units onto the field. But as you play you will get to add new cards to your deck that let you cast spells, alter the terrain and trigger abilities unique to your faction. Elves can lay traps, the undead cast curses, and the turtles can build structures to name a few. Building an effective deck tailored to both the battlefield and your opponents’ strategy is a sure path to victory.

If you like magic, science fiction, fantastical creatures and tactical gameplay then this is the game for you. Take the chance and step into a rich alternate universe with a fresh take on playing with a modular board.

About the designer

Daniel is an economist by day and avid gamer by night. Since he was young he has been attracted to all manner of games with a heavy preference for any board, roleplaying, or video game that lets you explore new worlds.

The idea of making his own game was always attractive but didn’t really become a real thing until the pandemic hit. Diving into game design ended up being the spark to his first ever board game: Fantasy Planet. The game has been his sole focus since the autumn of 2020 and Daniel is very excited to present his game at his first ever visit to Fastaval.