Four friends at a festival. Blazing sun and knee-deep mud. Unforgettable concerts. Morning coffee by the tent, and an important conversation late at night. Come with us for an experience of a lifetime!

Number of players/game facilitators 4 players and 1 facilitator

Runtime 5 hours (incl. warmup)

Language Danish

Age restriction 15+

Amount of reading 1.5 page character description + appr. 5 pages of handouts (small texts, can be read out loud by others)

Online Yes

  • Friendship

  • Festival mood

  • Personal development


Festival Tales is the story about four young friends going to a festival together. Each of them are at a crossroads in their life, faced with different challenges. The festival offers them a much needed breathing space, but also an opportunity to see themselves in a new light, and get a push in the right direction.

Festival Tales is about having intense and fantastical festival experiences. It is about how we see the world differently, depending on what we are going through, and how our experiences can inspire us to move on. And it is about friendship, and how we share the good times as well as the hard times.

The scenario does not have a fixed plot, but is built around the festival program, from which the players choose the activities they would like to participate in. The players create the content of the scenes in a mix of improvisation, storytelling and roleplaying, switching between entertaining festival activities and quiet reflection.

Player type

You like to:

  • Improvise and storytell content together with the other players

  • Find a good balance between fun and gravity

  • Get carried away by a scene and enjoy the ride

  • Explore relations between characters and see where they take you

  • Play a festival scenario where alcohol and drugs play a very small part

Game master type

As a game master, you can:

  • Set the scene for the players and let them take the lead

  • Supplement and guide the players when needed

  • Help the players reflect and explore their characters

  • Keep track of time and cut the scenes when you need to move on