af Eevi Korhonen

"This board ain’t big enough for all of us!", said the Goblin Kings to one another, and they will solve this the only way they know how: through chaotic gunpowder barrel battle! Pick up and toss gunpowder barrels, explode your enemies and be the last Goblin King standing.
It is like playing silly chess with explosions!


  • Time: 20-60 min
  • Players: 2-4
  • Language: English

Goblins & Gunpowder combines the light chess-like strategy with the fun chaos of Hot Potato. It can be played competitively or casually, becoming anything from an intense competition of minds to an explosion-filled laugh fest.

In the game, the players take control of a team of Goblins and attempt to take out the opposing Goblin Kings by tossing gunpowder barrels at them. But gunpowder is not very reliable: the barrels might explode at inopportune times, adding an element of risk to every interaction with them.

Each player gets to put together their own team from a selection of Goblin Minions, each of which has a Special Ability that allows them to excel in their own ways: one is better at tossing barrels, another at kicking while a third can grab barrels from nearby squares - even from the enemy team! But even if all your Minions die, worry not! Your Goblin King will absorb their Special Abilities and be able to do everything all by themselves, allowing players to make a comeback even if they are down to just their King.

Each turn is divided into three phases: Explosion, Replacement and Action. Each turn begins with the passing on of the “Worst Goblin” token, marking the player who goes first. In the explosion phase, that player is in charge of checking whether any barrels on the field will explode. If a barrel does not explode, its fuse is shortened, making it more likely to explode in future rounds.

In the Replacement phase, exploded barrels are divided among the players and replaced by the slingshot minions outside the field, causing the barrels to not always land where you want them to. Finally in the Action phase, each player has two actions to get to those barrels and toss or kick them towards the enemy goblins and hope that they explode in the next turn… if not, it’s likely that they will be returned to the sender!

About the designer

Eevi Korhonen first came to Fastaval in 2017 and won the Game Rush category with Goblins & Gunpowder. After six years, she finally makes her return.

Eevi is an avid gamer, playing anything from board games and video games to tabletop RPGs and LARP. On the side she also gravitates towards organising events such as larps, conferences and conventions (and she highly recommends that you come to Finland to see Ropecon, the largest non-commercial roleplaying convention in all of Europe - and before you ask, it has nothing to do with ropes).

In her day job, she works in the video games industry as a senior narrative designer. With over a decade of experience under her belt, she has worked on award-winning games like CONTROL and Returnal and loves to build worlds and games where narrative and mechanics work in harmony.