OTTO WAS HERE! – Graffiti Wall

"From the people, by the people, for the people"

Would you like the possibility to make your colourful mark on FASTAVAL? 

Then swing by the Oasen and jump on this years Anarcho-Theme and let loose.


As a participant at Fastaval, you will have the posibility to be part of the Anarchy, and put your tag or drawing on our 'Direct from the Berlin Wall' - graffiti instalation. Vi have put up a wall that will be standing in Oasen, and here you can drop by and co-create based on the Graffiti-cultures base ideology: "From the people, by the people, for the people."


The goal is to fill up the wall with stencils, tags, small drawings etc. during Fastaval, and use it as a guestbook, and an exclamation for people that OTTO was here!



Thursday 12-02
Friday: 12-02
Lørdag 12-02

Location: The Oasis.

Number of participants: N/A

Language: Danish/English

Price: Free

Requirements: A desire to be there