by Nis Haller Baggesen

"Honey, isn't this the most adorable thing?"

He turned and was rather perplexed by the bed linen she was eagerly waving around.

"Umm, I thought we were here to find a new bookcase? The EXPEDIT looks decent enough to me ..?"

"Yeah, sure, but since we are here we might as well look around right? It isn't easy dragging you out here," she replied defensively.

"OK, well, then, well, I just think I might have outgrown little trains on my duvet covers?," he ventured. There seemed to be some point that had passed over his head completely.


Players: 4

Gamemasters: 1

Language: Danish and English

IKEA. We've all been there, and now you get the opportunity to image yourself there at Fastaval. The Mecca of shopping. The Saturday 10th level of Hell. A port of call in all the major turning points in life - Moving out, moving in together, when a new life joins the family and when divorce or death leaves you all alone again. So just maybe IKEA is not as soulless a place, as it looks in the catalogue.

IKEA is an everyday comedy, where the players will take part in little vignettes playing out in a typical day in the shopping cathedral (or the forecourt of hell, depending on your mood). The structure is basically theatersports, based on what might go through peoples heads, as they hunt for that offwhite version of a LAMPA.

As with everything IKEA some assembly is required