A small group of influencers are in trouble when the anonymous hacker “4chan” threatens to expose their deepest secrets.

Number of players/game facilitators  4-6 players +1 GM

Runtime 2 Hours

Language Danish

Age restriction None

Amount of reading 1-2 pages, a simple character sheet and an action cheat sheet.

Online Yes

  • SoMe

  • Comedy

  • Dice


Do you want to experience life as an influencer in an influencer house with your colleagues in the field? Everything is fine, until you’re suddenly confronted with blackmail from the anonymous hacker 4chan. Together with your social media agent, you must rush to get the situation under control while still maintaining your image and content flow.
Can you keep your fans calm while planning your panel for SawCon 2022? Are you able to defeat 4chan before your secrets are exposed to your fans and the rest of the internet?
The game features a free form game flow that depends on the imagination of the players and how they choose to solve different problems using social media. The players use dice rolls to determine the success of their posts. The genre is comedic but be prepared to defend your deepest and darkest secrets.
This scenario gives plenty of opportunities to let your creativity flourish while inventing new trends on TikTok.

Player type

As a player, you should like rolling dice during the game. You should also be prepared to improvise and enjoy character driven comedy that depends on the interactions with other players and the gamemaster.
Other than that, it is recommended to have some familiarity with the world of social media.

Gamemaster type

The gamemaster should enjoy improvising, while keeping the focus on the overall plot. You play the role of a social media agent and you set the framework for the players’ antics. You will also assess the quality of the players content, to set the difficulty of their rolls.