Jakob is a young, Danish man who goes to war in Afghanistan in 2008. The players explore the life from which Jakob is a bit emotionally distant in order to understand his choices and their consequences.

Number of players/game facilitators 3-4 plus 1 co-playing facilitator

Runtime 4 hours

Language All materials in both English and Danish

Age restriction None

Amount of reading 1 page

Online Yes

  • Denmark at War

  • Storytelling game

  • Exploration


Jakob is a very promising young man – so everyone says. He is the protagonist, but mostly, we approach him indirectly. We describe places he has made his mark on and left, and play with what his friends and family say and do when he is not around. They might be worrying more about the financial crisis of 2008 and thereabouts than they do about a distant war. Jakob goes to Afghanistan and returns to Denmark – this we know. But what it all MEANS is up to the players and their playful exploration.

Strong Community Ties is a storytelling game where you do aesthetically radical things with lukewarm everyday life. Sometimes you will be describing, sometimes you will be playing various characters. War trauma might or might not occur, but is not the focus of the game. Come for aesthetics, social criticism and slightly disquieted laughs. You may end up having lots of feelings, but not through characters.

Player type

You want to play around with serious topics, and you want to take part in saying cool things in a game that makes it easy to be literary, curious and funny as a group. Beginner friendly but with room to unleash your storytelling skills. Knowledge of war and economics not required.

GM type

You are a co-playing facilitator – basically a player who will also, well, facilitate the game for other players. You are observant enough to step back a bit when that is what is needed.