by Julius Larsen Seerup and Anders Gerlev

Potato Patrol is a co-op focused tower-defence game, where players must protect King Carrots Conservatory against dangerous snails, rabbits, insects and other invading animals. Choose your unique potato-hero, build and upgrade towers and collect resources to build THE ULTIMATE SCARECROW!


  • Time: 1 hour
  • Players: 2-5
  • Language: English

In Potato Patrol players take control of their unique potato-character with special abilities, and limitations, with the purpose to defend King Carrots Conservatory, which is under attack by hordes of greedy pests.

Each player must defend two lanes from attacks by enemies: One on the right and another on the right, shared with the players to each side. Each round players must coordinate their efforts, such that no enemies are let through. Players spend their limited actions; attacking enemies, gathering and swapping resources, building and upgrading towers to defeat the invading hordes, at the same time as completing a shared mission to build THE ULTIMATE SCARECROW!

To win, the players have to complete the mission, as the number of attacking enemies goes up each round. The players will be weighing solving small problems now or big problems later, and may have to make sacrifices to solve the shared mission, before time runs out.

The primary focus of Potato Patrol is cooperation; the special abilities and limitations each potato-hero has necessitates that players strategise and are adaptable, as unexpected things happen. It can be dangerous to leave a lane unguarded, so it is necessary to coordinate with fellow players both left and right.

You should play Potato Patrol if you like classic digital tower defence games such as Bloons Tower Defence or Kingdom Rush, love co-op games with tough decisions and generally like board games that are approachable and with a silly theme.

About the designers

Julius has participated in Fastaval since 2007 and been an organiser in The Information among other areas. He has always had a love for the creative arts, first as a scenario writer and later as a participant in Game Rush for several years. Outside Fastaval Julius also works with game design, where he has organised “build-a-boardgame” classes for school students and programs game experiences. Julius often plays board games such as Journeys to Middle Earth, Aoens End and Magic Maze.

At home his board game shelf is organised in a coordinate system with weight (rules complexity) on one axis and playtime on the other.

Many will recognise Anders as an Infonaut for more than 10 years, with 3 as Infoboss. The best thing about being an Infonaut, is to facilitate fun for others. Now Anders has taken his board game hobby to the next level, first as a participant in Game Rush and now with a game for “the big” board game contest. Anders uses his experience as a marketing consultant to make sure deadlines are met, play tests are run and that feedback is followed up on during the design process. Anders likes to play games such as Mice and Mystics, Flash Point: Fire Rescue and The Crew.

Anders splits his games into two categories: Those allowed in the living room and “The Cupboard of Shame”.