by Aske Christiansen

The cold war is at its coldest and the fight for control of Europe is at the heart of the conflict. In Lies upon lies, you will play as KGB or CIA in a tug of war for control of the major capitals of the continent, collection of vital intelligence and capture of spies.


  • Time: 50-80 min
  • Players: 2
  • Language: English

Lies upon lies is a tactical card game where you race to achieve 1 of 4 possible victory conditions as fast as possible. Every card you play has to be paid for with cards that you have to put into your opponents deck – so be careful not to hand them the perfect card for their plan! You will have a limited supply of spies, intelligence and cards to spend, so every action you take must create more opportunities for you, than what you create for your opponent.

On the board you must try to place your spies cleverly, to create majorities and tip over the balance of power in the most important capitals of Europe. If you leave a door open, your enemys spies will flood in and destroy your delicate alligiances, and make the iron curtain crumble in their favour.

But always keep in mind that the game can be won and lost on many fronts, so for every power move you make in one sector, you may just have given up a bit to much in another.

It is your job to keep the spread of [insert ideology here] from sinking the world into chaos!

About the designer

I took my baby steps in board game design at Fastaval 2015 and have been in love ever since. I love most genres of board games as long as they make me feel like I’m being challenged by my opponents or being creative in some way. 2 player games has a special place in my heart, as I mostly play with my wife, and because they often tend to have a sharp focus on interactive play, where you have to react to what your opponent is doing.