by Kenny Zetterberg and Kristian Karlberg

Motu-Nui is a peaceful, puzzly tile laying game. Throughout the game, players will be drafting landscape tiles and villager cards. The tiles will be used for creating dynamic landscapes, rising the island from the sea. The main goal of the game is to attract the villagers so that they will construct their houses, churches and temples on your island. However, these buildings also make it harder for you to expand and make room for more inhabitants.


  • Time: 30-60 min (incl. 5 min rules)
  • Players: 1-4
  • Language: language-independent (Engelish rulebook)

The Goal of Motu-Nui is to transform your island to attract villagers. The villagers, represented by card, will construct their homes based on the landscape of your island. Each card has a requirement. The easy cards will allow a villager to construct a simple hut, whilst the most difficult cards will allow the players to construct majestic temples. Some cards also award the players for placing their buildings in a certain manner (close to the sea, at the top of a mountain or isolated from other buildings).

You will be taking turns drafting island tiles that are coupled with villager cards. On your turn you strategically place the tile on your island and may play one card from your hand that matches your landscape. By successfully playing a card, you add one permanent building onto your island. The higher you build the buildings, the more points you will get. As you are adding more and more buildings to your island, these will block the landscape, making it more difficult to match any future cards.

Each card also gives the player a bonus that can be activated at any time using bamboo tokens. The bonus might let you move a building or play another card. The most difficult cards earn you end game bonuses that will award you for organizing your buildings in a specific way.

Do you have what it takes to transform the island to an inhabited prosperous paradise?

About the designers

Kristian Karlberg
Kristian Karlberg is 39 years old living in Gothenburg, Sweden, working as an IT-consultant. His favorite game is Puerto Rico (Alea, 2002). 12 hours per week is devoted to designing board games, a wise investment as it is finally starting to yield results!

As of January 2023, Kristian has 3 published board games - Goetia: Nine Kings of Solomon (2021), Lucia (2022) and Dungeons & Dragons: the Yawning Portal (2023).

Kristian and Kenny Zetterberg started to design games together in 2019 and currently have 5 games that are looking for publishers. This is their second time competing in Fastaval.

Kenny Zetterberg
Kenny is 35 years old living in Gothenburg, Sweden working as a UX-designer and has a background in the construction industry.

Besides playing prototypes with Kristian, he prefers medium-heavy Euros like Troyes, Caylus and and Keyflower.

Kenny has been designing games since 2016 and besides the accomplishments he has together with Kristian, he has one additional game signed with a publisher - which is set to be released in 2024.