A euro-style game, revolving around a new and interesting worker placement puzzle with dice, in which all choices are doubled down.

Video: https://youtu.be/yoEC1FJGCuw

In Mudita each player is in control of four workers represented by dice. They’ve traveled from their small villages to the Big City Market, where they set up shops, in order to be the first to bring home at least 20 filled Amphoras (Victory Points) to their village.

To maximize their market presence, they’ve each set up their own shop, but is now lacking laborers to be able to expedite incoming orders. This is where you, the player, come into play:

In each turn you use one of your villagers (workers), by moving it from the front of a shop, and placing it into the backroom of another to perform an action. But as you do so, you at the same time close down the shop it came from – it cannot be used for the remainder of the round. This creates an interesting puzzle each round, where the order in which you choose to activate your workers is all important.

The game offers high paced ‘engine building’ with powerful combo’s, which the players can use to do anything from more safe strategies, based on continuous point scoring that escalates each time you do them, to more ‘high risk – high reward’-type of options, where luck is also a factor for success.

Mechanisms: Worker(dice) Placement, Tile(card) Placement, Engine building
Categories: Dice, Puzzle, City building


About the designer: 

Mads has an inarguable love for both board games and board gamers. He’s run the “small” board game design challenge, Game Rush, for soon to be three years now at Fastaval, has stared and run an online retail shop for board games, been a board game guru (game teacher) at Aarhus Brætspilscafé, started the danish facebook group for board game designers (now at 1200+ members), started and run the weekly board game meet up at Aarhus Brætspilscafé, mapped the key concepts for Aarhus Brætspilsfestival, and the list goes on.. Suffice to say: Mads is all about anything related to board games.

Allan has worked with computer games since the mid 90’s, and now works as an advisor and business developer for start-up companies in the Danish computer games industry. Allan plays Bloodbowl and Star Wars: Destiny. He meets regularly with a group of friends to play Formula De. He plays Love Letter, Carcassonne, Gloomhaven and Magic Maze with his two sons. Allan had his first board game Itchy Monkey published in 2018, and hopes to have more games out over the next couple of years. Allan has participated at Fastaval with board game designs since 2016.

Dice worker placement eurogame where the dice need to be combined in pairs to gather resources, trade and expand the market with new stands that provide new opportunities, synergies and strategies.